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As the threadtitle already suggests... Who's still enjoying the sweet games on the good ol' Cube?

Since end of last year... Alot of good Gamecube games have been on sale for sub-10$... As such, i've bought like 10 Gamecube games since December 07. Games like Eternal Darkness, RE0 and Viewtiful Joe.

The list of Gamecube games i own as of 24-02-08:


GC (28) :


 Additionally, i own some Gamecube games that are not listed in my gamelibrary. Games like Nightfire and Everything or Nothing. Around 32 Gamecube games in total.


I still play on a week-to-week basis:

-Eternal Darkness.

-Viewtiful Joe.

-Beyond Good and Evil.

-Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

-MarioKart: Double Dash.

-FZero: GX.

-Second Sight




Plz, tell my if and if so; what games you are still playing on the old and faithfull purple lunchbox! 




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not me, im addicted to my wii, and no more heroes

I'm still playing GameCube games but mostly on my Wii.

Just picked up MGS Twin Snakes

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The only GC games I currently play are Melee, Mario Kart, Wind Waker, and Star Fox Assault

I have gamecube games I play on a weekly basis on my wii

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My Gamecube is still hooked up (mainly because my Wii sits on the shelf and the controller cables are too short) and used regularly. Wave Race Blue Storm and Mario Kart Double Dash!! being the most played games.

I pity the fools who own a purple Gamecube. Black looks much better.

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Right now, Melee is the only one I play regularly. I plan to eventually go back and beat some of the ones I haven't beaten yet, such as Wind Waker, but right now I am working on Halo: Combat Evolved.

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kenzomatic said:
I'm still playing GameCube games but mostly on my Wii.

Just picked up MGS Twin Snakes

 MGS Twin Snakes is quite hard to get around here! It goes for like 50$ on the internet already. I do really want that title, that and ToS are the only games i still want actually!


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pichu_pichu said:
I have gamecube games I play on a weekly basis on my wii

Which ones? Also, my GC is black! It is way better than purple.

Amusingly, I never had a GameCube, but I still have 6 GameCube games. Which I've played a fair amount of. I do so love full backwards compatibility on the Wii...

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