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Who Won E3 2014 ?

Sony 8 38.10%
Microsoft 0 0.00%
Nintendo 13 61.90%

Please vote using the poll and then post the reason for your vote.


Should be interesting..

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Nobody. They all had a solid showing honestly. nothing major but good stuff from all. 2015 is looking amazing though.

Nice, we haven't had one of these threads yet today.

I'm pretty sure we have like 10 of these threads about this around here. I don't see the need for another one.

This is like the fifth thread doing this. Nintendo won every one.

Well, this is new.


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Microsoft and Sony draw because they were both awesome!

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nintendo :)

sony and microsoft came both in second place.

Even if I've barely been online in a week, I still noticed all the other threads on the same subject. Locking.

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Nintendo for the 100th time and its cause there was almost never a dull moment compared to their competitors + they had the Treehouse thing was very informative and they answered many questions and on top of that, they had the Smash Tournament which was Epic


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