How do Wii sales numbers go down?

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An influx of returns? I thought I just saw that in the US alone the Wii had 1.1Million install base at the end of the year. That would leave oh about 350K for Canada and Mexico, well i don't know about Mexico so I won't try, but I've talked to several people in Canada that haven't been able to find a Wii. 350K just seems very low.

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What are you smoking? They have obviously adjusted their Wii NA sales in light of the recent NPD news and stuff, and updated all numbers so they are up to date. They overestimated originally like most analysts and so on did

yeah and the recent NA sales from NPD are 1.1 million I think I made that overly OBVIOUS in my first posting. Try reading before you post.

Well NPD is very respectful but they still only do estimates. And many analysts are starting to wonder at mainly how Wii numbers are so low. Most people predicted high numbers yet this is what comes out. It just doesn't fit for a sellout.