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but... epic hyper fight :)

Hahahaha, loved it. That and the fight between Iwata and Reggie.

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This shit was soo unexpected but it was soo epic at the same time!!! I think it really does show some of the things you can do in a Digital Press Conference that you can't in a Traditional Press Conference! Seriously, imo, both MS and Sony had some dull moments but the Nintendo one never had a dull moment (you can disagree and thats fine too).

Back when they did this shit in 2013, I seriously thought this was a terrible idea but after this year's e3, I hope they continue to do whatever they think is best when it comes to Press Conferences! (Provided they don't fuck up that is)


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No, i liked the yarn yoshi game more.

Lmaobox said: MCC and Halo 5 will each sell less than 5 million.

Uncharted 4 will sell around 8-10 million with the rejuvenated playstation brand.

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benao87 said:
Hahahaha, loved it. That and the fight between Iwata and Reggie.

And Nintendo using the Luigi death stare was also hilarious!

Nintendo and PC gamer

Yeah the best thing at E3 was something none gaming related.

They better do this next year!

As of now...

Wii U has the best games.

Wii U has the best price.

Wii U has the worst sales.

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No wonder Iwatas body wasn't ready, after that Reggie fight.

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