Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Was Megaman's final smash the most orgasmic thing to happen at E3?

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I just really loved the animation that they put up with and the crowd reaction was so amazing.

Wanna know what you guys think!

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Dude, it was the most hype. Megaman got 4th and basically unanimous fan favorite. I was watching the stream in the lounge with my Dormmates and the entire room exploded.

lmao, all that hype. Lets just say Nintendo should just own Megaman seriously :0

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That Final Smash was soo Fap worthy that it came in multiple Colors!!! Just FAPP


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If this doesn't convince Capcom to make a Wii U Megaman game, nothing will.

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No, maybe for SSB fans only.

Yes, and it was totally unexpected for me. I'd seen a picture of it, or at least a picture of the five mega men, but the whole final smash was cool.


Rosalina ran into it but still awesome nonetheless.

But what about when Reggie said he would kick some ass? Deserves a mention at least.

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