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2015 GOTY will be...

Zelda U 59 40.97%
Arkham Knight 4 2.78%
The Witcher 3 12 8.33%
Bloodborne 7 4.86%
Uncharted 4 43 29.86%
Halo 5 7 4.86%
Scalebound 0 0.00%
Rise of the Tomb Raider 0 0.00%
The Division 2 1.39%
X 10 6.94%

Close call between Zelda and Uncharted - I went with Zelda because I feel it's the safer bet with some of the turnover at Naughty Dog.

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Damn no Witcher 3 love??

The Witcher 3, no contest here ... it will win in most of gaming websites.

MYGOTY? bloodborne for sure.


Mystro-Sama said:
DialgaMarine said:
I would say Zelda U, but I'm unbelievably disappointed with the game using the same art direction as Skyward Sword. New hardware should've meant a new level of unprecedented detail for Myamoto to create. I was hoping for another Majora's Mask/ Twilight Princess style Zelda. It's Uncharted 4 for me.

Geezuz people! For the last time, it's not Skyward Sword's art style. Does it really look like SS to you?

 It looks almost exactly like SS, no doubt about it. When I saw that (now fake) Shard of Nightmares picture, I nearly shit my pants in anticipation at another dark zelda title. I sorely disappointed with this. I think Myamoto may finally be losing his touch.

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some heavy hitters there

nintendo wins everything on teh internet so zelda U will take it.i'll buy a U for that no probs

on a personal note the witcher & bloodborne plus whatever scalebound is i'm guessing an rpg type thing

i always play tomb raider


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uncharted annouce was boring. We all already now how it would look.

But every zelda annouce is different!
We never know the next artstyle! So, we never know what to expect.

Bloodborne should be awesome, but Zelda U looks like it will have everything I like.

Either The Witcher 3 or The Division