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Business-wise, who won E3?


It's great to talk about games and features and all that jazz, but keep in mind that this is sill a sales forum. So speaking purely from a business standpoint, which of the big 3 had the strongest presentation? 

Personally I think that Destiny bundle is going to be the biggest system seller of the year. Halo Collection would come in second. And Nintendo didn't really show anything that can reverse the sales trend of the WiiU or 3DS. 


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White PS4 Destiny bundle.

That is all.

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You really want us to say it, do you? *sigh* Yeah... Sony won E3. There I said it.

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Sony > MS > Nin

Sony has the rest of the year + early 2015 covered
After that the "real fight" should begin

Anfebious said:
You really want us to say it, do you? *sigh* Yeah... Sony won E3. There I said it.

Hey man, I even agreed Nintendo had the best presentation. Just trying to talk sales here. 

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Sony > MS > Nintendo

Damn... Them poll results, didn't expect Nintendo to come in second. Would like to hear reasoning :)

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MCC will move more money than Destiny on PS4 I believe (including the white console). So Microsoft.

vivster said:
White PS4 Destiny bundle.

That is all.

Yes this will sell every last unit available.

I was going to say Sony, but then it hit me: They also have the Vita. Just because it's always conveniently omitted doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

So that makes three losers.

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Defiantly Sony they announced new hardware (PSTV) and announced a new white PS4 Destiny bundle that will sell a huge amount of units. Its really paying off for Sony that they decided to get exclusive marketing with Destiny that game will be huge.