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That looked fucking awesome!

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hate it
i like the focus on adventure.

everything else i hate

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Pretty awesome. Liking those sci-fi elements wonder if the master sword is now a laser sword as well.

It looks OK but the laser-moster looks out of place and I would have preferred a realistic look. As an older gamer I cannot stand the comic look at all and already had to skip Wind Waker. I will likely skip this Zelda as well.

Also the addition of comic characters to Xenoblade Chonicles X was very disappointing. But Nintendo still won E3 by far.

It looks interesting. But it really was only a teaser.

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Pavolink said:
Real time or cgi?

I think it's real time, captured from a Wii U.

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Loving the artsyle. Hopefully they have a gameplay demo.

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I'm OK with art style, it looks really nice, I would prefer one from the demo though, but oh well...I just hope that there is lot more exploration and less Aonuma puzzles.

looks amazing. not that zelda hasn't always been a highlight of any nintendo system but this one certainly looks great.

This was by far the best looking Link model, why the hell did they go for cartooney style again?? I wonder what Nintendo has against realism