I hate to say it, but Sony E3 was terrible!

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As a huge Sony fan, it hurts to write this. I feel so sad that there is a pain in my stomach. THIS is what they put in theaters?! Littlebigplanet 3, Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, Bloodborne, and few other exclusives. That's it? The multi-platform variety wasn't much better. I was sad to see this depressing lineup. I was expecting one of the best E3s ever. What was missing? I'll tell you what I had hoped for.

First, I had expected a PS3/Vita price cut. It is high time for those. My PS3 broke. Even the used Gamestop prices are high. Vita is a fine handheld, but once again, too expensive. PS4 is still it's right price, but I had hoped for a $50 price cut to counter Microsoft. Nothing.

Now I must admit rumors had me excited. I shouldn't have put any hope in them. No Dark Cloud 3, Wild Arms 6, Legend of Dragoon 2, The Last Gaurdian, Battle Royale 2, Sly Cooper, Gran Turismo 7, etc. The best looking 3rd party game was Batman in my opinion, but that is on Xbox too. Where was Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3?! If they had shown FFXV alone, I would have been happy. No King of Fighters, Resident Evil, Soul Calibur, or Capcom Vs game? Street Fighter V would have been nice.  Such a disappointing game lineup.

There was nothing there to make me want a PS4. I don't care about PS Now; I want to buy games, not stream them. There is a better lineup on Vita. At least it has some JRPG's and fighting games.

The most interesting thing to me was the Playstation TV. For $99 that's not bad. Otherwise Sony's show was saddening? I haven't watched the Microsoft conference, but I can't imagine it to be worse. At least they announced a price cut. I will watch it and Nintendo's presentation and I will rate the big 3 against each other. Maybe Nintendo will beat them all. :(

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Terrible? Really?

Sure it was underwhelming but it was by no means terrible.

Yeah this years E3 was bad both Sony and ms showing was bad


Mystro-Sama said:
Terrible? Really?

Sure it was underwhelming but it was by no means terrible.

I respectfully disagree.

Least Sony didn't fucking make fun of Conker... That was a hard blow MS! "Almost 10 Years without a new game, I guess we will have to make our own" Well fuck you too MS


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It's freaking E3, and Sony and Microsoft both just failed miserably.     The fact that the talk of the day is the Old Halos put on one disc and an Uncharted 4 cinematic trailer is pathetic.    LBP3?   Seriously.   LBP is one of the most overrated games of the entire last gen.   I was bored of it after a few hours and never went back, and seeing how far sales dropped from LBP1 to LBP2, I think it is fair to say that many other people felt the same way.

I really hope Nintendo comes out today and just absolutely kills it, and their sales go through the roof so these other 2 get back on the ball and start making great games again because right now it's a sad state of affairs.

Yeah, Sony had a bad E3.
I thought they would go all out for their holiday lineup, because as it is now, it is really bad.

Gamewise 2014 was really bad for the PS4 so far with InFamous being the only exclusive that deserved to be mentioned. Now their holiday lineup is a delayed launch game from last year (!!!) and LBP3.

That is not much when the competition gets Halo and Mario Kart in the same year.

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I think if ms hadnt leaked everything before hand it would of blown sonys out of the water, but as it is sonys gave me more excitement and i enjoyed it more because i didnt know anything with genuine surprises.

If ms did that 20min thing in the middle it would get so much hate.

Overall maybe ms had a better one....idk :/

Edit: dat bloodborne though. And dat conker mindf@#$

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So should every member write a short Essay on Sony's E3 and than make a thread about it? We could have a couple hundred if we all did it.

gamemaster4747 said:
Mystro-Sama said:
Terrible? Really?

Sure it was underwhelming but it was by no means terrible.

I respectfully disagree.

Have you seen your expectations? 90% of that shit was obviously not going to come. You bought into the hype and rumors and was let down. Legend of the Dragoons 2? The Last Gaurdian? LOL are you shitting me? Not to mention price cuts for all systems. This is why you don't hype E3. Nothing good will come of it.