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Sunshine Airport. I love seeing so much going on, it really feels like a real airport, it feels "busy". And those planes taking off over your head?! Amazing!

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Either Dolphin Shoals, Mount Wario or Sunshine Airport.

So, again, the Star Cup.


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Yoshi's Valley was also among the best in my view; the lighting in particular on that track really had that "next gen" vibe.

I'm surprised to see people saying Sunshine Airport, I thought that was the least impressive as it had the most noticeable jaggies.

As for the new tracks, I'd say the best looking would once again go to Rainbow Road for its epic space setting.

Dolphin Shoals is pretty impressive but i'm going with Electro Dome. Colours and effects everywhere :D

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I love Cloudtop Cruise. Those clouds and then lighting make me wow every time i play it )

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GCN Sherbert Land has really cool snow effects...

Mount Wario looks so awesome! Then again, I am a sucker for snow tracks!

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