IGN: The Last Guardian Officially Cancelled! Edit: Not Cancelled? IGN Lied?

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IGN has received a report this evening that “The Last Guardian is finally cancelled.” According to our sources, the information was disclosed in “Sony’s internal meeting last week.”






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Shit fuck tits! I knew this was coming but its still lame T_T RIP

Whats next? Half Life 3 Cancelled? T_T


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I dont understand? Isnt this the game everybody was waiting for for years? Seems kinda retarded? I must be missing something

Thread title with exclamation point. Time to celebrate. Hooray!

EDIT: Whoa, tbone. You know how to crash a party.

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well duhh

Game, Set

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Even if it's truly canceled people still will not shut up about the damn thing.

even if this game saw the light of day i get the feeling even if the game was on par with SOTC the story why it took so long to make would be more interesting then the game itself just like Duke Nukem Forever.

Please tell.me this is fake??
Why the fuck would it be cancelled now and not years ago??