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So this is for people with an xbox one/ps4 and wii u only. I dont even know if wii u games have to be installed? 

So how big is your HDD? How many games do you have installed? How much space do you have left? 

I have 16 games installed on my xbox one and have 155GB's left. Some of the games are small size while others are bigger. Oh and i have the regular 500GB HDD.

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I only have a Wii U.

I don't have a hard drive, I've installed 0 games (1 demo), and I have 23GB left.

I don't know the exact list, but (PS4): all f2p games except DCUO, all PS+ games except Contrast and inFAMOUS, Ghosts and AC4.

I've got a 32gb Wii U. We don't have to install games that aren't pure download. I've got three retail games, several eShop games and just about every demo available on there and I've still got some room left.

Currently playing:

Bloodbath Paddy Wagon Ultra 9

Wii U, 10 games installed (ZombiU, MK 8, Tropical Freeze, AC3, Nintendoland, Zelda WW, SM3DWorld, W101, Sword&SoldiersHD, Trine2).




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PS4, 15 games installed, ~200 GB left, standard 500 GB drive

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