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Have you pledged something to Shiness?

Yes! 15 24.19%
No! 26 41.94%
I do not like Kickstarter 21 33.87%


Thanks to everyone that showed interest.

"They've just confirmed xbox one and ps4 on twitch stream"


If you have discovered this Kickstarter campaign too late and want to help by pre-ordering the game or buy some nice add-ons through Paypal, we have opened a backer page in order to let you do that.

It does not work yet. Hurry Ynnis! It will be up and working during next week.


Languages supported: Englsh, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish and Italian.

Planned platforms: PC, Mac. Stretch goal: PS4, Xbox One
Release date:Q1, 2015
Approx. gameplay time: 20 hours on the solo adventure, infinite for the multi adventure.



On a planet destroyed by a cataclysm, celestial islands called Meteora were created. Civilizations and species were born. Chado and Poky from the Waki people are exploring the universe aboard the Asanao , a little flying ship that will collide with a dangerous Meteora. You will play Chado and your first step will be to find your companion Poky by exploring a hostile Meteora.

More than a video game, Shiness is at the begining a comic book, each media are increasing the storyline and the background. While you read the manga, you will discover some secrets of Shiness's universe.

Each character has an ability they can mix with other characters' abilities. This will help you on your journey to resolve the enigmas, dungeons and quests you will have to deal with.
Chado, the main character can summon rocks thanks to his ability "Shi-Men-Hiro" and will use it to activate some paving stone that react to the weight, toss those rocks or throw them.  
Kayenne, his ally can then use his telekinetic abilites to activate some levers, catch some items at distance or move them.  
What’s original about the quests in Shiness is that you can resolve them in many different ways. For example a character can ask you to pick an item in a cave guarded by enemies. Some of you will try to catch the items by fighting, some others will infiltrate into the cave and others will negotiate with the enemy to take the item back. Those decisions will affect your reputation and the behavior of the Non Playable Characters.
Unlike in classics Role Playing Game, the world will change according to your decisions. Thus, if you use diplomacy in most circumstances some areas will be more welcoming.


Thank you Ninsect!

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Looks too awesome not to be released on PS4 and XOne. I hope it reaches the goal..

looks interesting, could well reach that target

Xbox One, PS4 and Switch (+ Many Retro Consoles)

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Still got a way to go, hope it makes it though.

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Indie RPG Shiness Shows Off Alpha Gameplay Footage

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Here are some of the frog eaters, and maybe a snail eater too! ;]

Sucks that it didn't reach all of it's stretch goals. I hope they open a paypal account like what they did for M09.

Mystro-Sama said:
Sucks that it didn't reach all of it's stretch goals. I hope they open a paypal account like what they did for M09.

But soon the hype die down and they may not get that much trough late backers that use paypal.

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Give all your money, hurry ! Put that on gaf !

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