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The Wii U has had a rough start in the public eye....which is good because now Nintendo has to try hard again and are making some amazing games.  Some people have been there from the beginning are some are just getting started.  We know the Wii U does't have much 3rd party support but it has a stellar library of 1st party games are more on the way. The controller is comfortable, and very handy being portable and the system is backwards compatable. Also now Nintendo has stepped up into the high definition era and their online infrastructer is getting good.

How often in todays day and age do you have a game come out and launch flawlessly on launch day.  A game that isn't broken, or have day 1 patches.  No DLC/season pass bullshit, no network crashes.   Just popping the game in and having an awesome time playing it surprisingly doesn't happen to often anymore on day 1 or any day for that matter.  I feel with Nintendo and the Wii U I can go to the store on launch day and pick the game up and know it will be a pure quality product and loads of fun......kind of like Squaresoft in their prime. 

Every game that has come out has been getting rave reviews and are some of the most memorable gaming experiences, but the console can't seem to get rid of that "underpowered/inferior" title it got tagged with.  Now finally maybe people are starting to realize that the cheaper, more affordable, "underpowered" console is the right way to go.  Most gaming experiences that the Ps4/Xbox have to offer can be played on any console or the PC, but the Wii U is the only place you can play Nintendo games and alot of other exclusives.

I have put countless hours into my Wii U and haven't had this much fun gaming in years and know there is plenty more fun on the way.  If I want I can play hardcore and try to beat world record times online or I can just sit around with my girlfriend/buddies and have a blast playing silly party games or local co op fun.  The internet and bad marketing have giving Nintendo a hard time as of late but I will always respect their business model and continue to support it as long as they keep making world class games.  If they gain more 3rd party support, keep making kick ass 1st party games this could be the greatest console of all time?

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The Wii U's too young to be the best console of all time.

Well, this is new.


No it isn't, no it'll never be.

Reminds me of when BS rap magazines were declaring 50 Cent the greatest rapper of all time after only two hit singles, heh.

Too soon to tell. Personally I haven't owned all consoles of all time, but the Wii U is tethering close to capturing the crown as my favourite console of all time.

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To me it seems destined for a tier 2 Nintendo system for my tastes along side the Gamecube. Look forward to getting one next year.

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Wii is still a better console because it has been out for longer (for me). WiiU can do it if it keeps getting amazing games like Mario Kart 8!

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Right now it definately is not, In the future? who knows, but It doesn't have 3rd party support so it's rather unlikely that it'll ever be considered something like that.

No Wii U is good when compared to the competitions odd practices. However many people are fine with these practices being around so they don't care.

Plus dreamcast exists soooo...

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Not at all... I would rank it as the worst Nintendo console in fact (judging it by the games it has now).

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