Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are already working on their next-gen consoles according to AMD

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sethnintendo said:
Sharpryno said:

The consoles use arcitecture that hardly differs from PC.  Last gen it was COMPLETELY different.  Hard to emulate. 

Have fun waiting for Sony to release their stream service so you can stream previously bought PSN games from your PS3 to PS4.  Not sure what the hell Microsoft is going to do about the previously bought Live games.  The only thing I know is that I was able to do a system transfer from my Wii to Wii U and transfer all my previously bought WiiWare and VC games onto my Wii U day 1.  I suppose you can keep the 360 or PS3 hooked up to your TV along with your new system. 

Just saying I would be pissed to not be able to transfer all my previously bought games from online marketplace to my new console.

I could care less.  PC is the only platform where I will play even semi old games.  Use an OG Xbox for movies/tvshows/ and emulators via XBMC.  Those are games I enjoy playing that are pretty old, (n64 emulator) 

But, if the arcitecture is the same, which it will be for next gen, backwards comadibility should be a given especially if they want shorter life cycles to compete with PCs and Steambox. 

I think they work on their next gen consoles after a year of their last console.

The Legend of Zelda: Darkness U

seriously is this how people think...

"gaming company: we just released our new console.... dissolve the R&D department for the next 3 years"

ugh r&d doesnt stop researching... and developing..... i wouldn't be surprised if the next two consoles are already in the drawing board


every console should last 7-8 years imho....

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Here is what I think would make sense would happen, next gen consoles should be like PS4.5 or xb1.5, new machines with 100% backward compatibility, but faster CPU/GPU and maybe a bit more RAM, games compatible with both systems could be released on the same disc, they would just have pre-defined settings for each machine's computing power (equivalent to running the game on Ultra on PC then the same game on High or Medium on a lower specced PC).. or like on iOS where games just run worse on the older phones...

There are benefits to the platform owners to this, they have less risk of a client "defecting" to the other platform, since people get to keep their games... and well people get to keep their old games, just like on PC (until eventually the OS/hardware is no longer compatible with their old software)...

However, if the power difference is not dramatic some people may never upgrade, and this is OK as long as they keep buying new games.

So, 2 or 3 years AT MOST if I am right... I think MS is more likely to do so, however Sony had a good track record as far as backward compatibility goes until the PS4 was released with NONE of it :-/ so we shall see.

Sharpryno said:
As long as there is backwards compatibility, which should be easy now, then there will be no problem.

True, now that they both went with PC architecture i dont see a reason to change that on the future consoles, anyway this news doesnt surprise me knowing that Sony started the PS4 planing and development back in 2008 - 2009