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Does it come with a memory card or not?

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Still 500GB =/

If sold at that price, people won't buy it unless it offers extras such as a 16gb memory card + free year of PS+.

If this bundle is to impact Vita sales, then it needs to be a bundle where you save money. Just putting it in the box is pointless.

Dumb idea Sony. Need to make it like $50 less than buying them individually.

That European 5game bundle is a better option.

Dont have a vita or ps4 and this looks nice but that price though...

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The bundle does create exposure and some desire, but if the price is no different than buying them individually, it won`t do much.

On a side comment: Funny how both MS and Sony do everything to lift sales, but cut prices of the HW. Goes to show this generation will be different. /end side comment.

If sony is really going to do this, then anything more than $500 for the bundle will be stupid.

Then again, I believe everything about the bundle is stupid. Sony should just let the vita die. Unless of course they want it to become a full blown mobile controller for the PS4 and marketed as such. Cause one of the Vitas greatest strengths right now (allowing you play any PS4 game on it remotely from anywhere) also happens to be its greatest weakness. Why would anyone build games exclusively for the vita when you can just build a PS4 game instead as an indie title.

They missed their chance, this should have happened when PS4 was heavily supply constrained and people were ready to pay more just to get their hands on a PS4, now nobody will be swayed by it, especially at that price point.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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NiKKoM said:
Ow wow.. Excatly the same price when you buy seperatly.. That will convince people..

LOL I thought the same.

Besides you can easily get a Vita for less than what it is by itself during different times of the year (i.e. Summer and Winter holidays).

The lowest I've seen was Vitas being sold for $100 - I should of bought one last year......


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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Lolll not worth it at all

To you as a Nintendo loyalist it isn't. For others, this could be a great deal.


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