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superchunk said:
This story sucks.

The two 12yr olds should NOT be tried as adults and put in adult jail. They obviously have mental issues and should be placed in a mental health institute. Prison for a 12yr old will only kill them or make them worse humans. This type of kid being tried as adult crap happens way too often.

They either enjoy killing or they actually believed the slender man stuff because of some sort of mental disorder. Either way, at their age, I think these girls are already too damaged beyond repair. I say lock them away for as long as possible - be it jail or mental institute, doesn't matter. I don't believe there's any medicine or therapy that can eliminate their homicidal behavior, so they must be put away for the safety of society.

Nintentacle said:
kitler53 said:
since the victim lived is it okay to make a completely inappropriate joke? 'cause i bet these girls believe in pedobear as well..

Too soon.

OP: But WTF? Stupidest kids of the year if you ask me.

I'd say It's the parents fault, but not for the reason most people would think. I seriously doubt their parents gave them the impression that killing someone is okay, but they failed to teach them common sense, and that bad actions have bad consequences. 

I think some parents over reading too far into this though. Just because your kid knows who Slender Man is, it doesn't mean they believe he actually exist and will do evil things for him. As long as you ask your kids if they think he's real (If they say yes tell them that he's a creation of the Devil or something), and they don't have any mental issues, then you're fine.

But you usually don't have to teach kids common sense.

And who's to say these kids did not know that bad actions have bad consequences? The evidence seems to actually suggest that they do know bad actions have bad consequences. They knew and embraced what would result from their actions - the other girl's death.