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Alacrist said:

( And you were comparing Cornflakes to Frosted Flakes right?)

What? No, that's stupid. It was a reference to The Tomorrow People... the Nickelodeon show from the early 90's about a bunch of teenagers who could teleport, based on a British show from the 70's of the same name. Third season, Monsoon Man, centered around a corn flakes baron who wanted to corner the cereal market by controlling the weather over his competitor's fields. For your answer, you owe *me* a prize. And I choose hairy. I haven't had a haircut in almost 2 years, and I haven't shaved since March. General Tso's Chicken OR Colonel Sanders' Chicken

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If I'm right and colonel sander's chicken are kfc chicken, then without a doubt the others!

fc barcelona


real madrid?

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Real Madrid

And I was thinking Weather Control = snow = Frost= Frosted Flakes vs Cornflakes. ( It's not that stupid lol)







Goldeneye. Sitting in front of a TV with three other friends, yelling at each other and such back in the N64/PS1 days was priceless. The most fun I had with Halo was the PC version, me and a friend would do the multiplayer CTF and do suicide missions to infiltrate the opponents terrtory and get their flag which yelling at each other over the phone. Good times. If you had to lose one of your senses, which would it be? Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling?

Smelling, I would want to taste my food, feel mt girl, hear my music, and see my art!



Sony (as a First-Party Dev)




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I'm basing this solely on pieces of software I currently have with me, mind you, and with a resounding 2-0 margin, Capcom wins. Jake the Tiger OR Marco the Gorilla (this one's *way* more blatant... someone BETTER get the reference!)

Jake the Tiger

Luke Skywalker






Obi-Won. Love OR Marriage

Tsuki ni kawatte...Oshiokiyo!

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ughy... gag me with a spoon. VH1. Green Lantern OR Green Arrow