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I have played all Mario Karts, I have put more time in some than others, (64, Double Dash being my 2 faves) but Quite frankly, I am getting a little bored of the characters, every generation the new additions are weaker and weaker, I frankly think Mario Kart should take the Smash bros route and allow Nintendo characters from other franchises. do we really need 3 different versions of Peach?
Before I start getting replies with such things as "well, It's called MARIO KART" just remember this is just my opinion and we can all agree that the roster list needs a make over, I for one would love Samus, Starfox, Captain Falcon, heck even Link. What do you all think?

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Baby Rosalina is a newcomer. Everything is fine.

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Would have to change the name to "Smash Kart" or "Nintendo Kart" cause it wouldn't really be a Mario Kart title anymore. Would also have to completely revamp items.

They have tons of Mario characters that they never bothered to use, I think using them would be a better idea.

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Completely agree. The Mario cast isn't big enough to fill the game without repeating itself (baby or metal characters etc). It could be really good with characters from other Nintendo franchises as well.

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Yeah its needs more interesting characters.


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I'm pretty sick of the babies...
I agree with you, OP...
I found it pretty cool that R.O.B. was in MKDS and Funky Kong was in MKWii...
And where exactly did Dry Bones go???
And I'd love to be able to race as DK Jr. again...
And a few crossover characters wouldn't hurt...

Have a nice day...

What about Fawful?!

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Just add Luba and Pauline and Cranky Kong in the future. Oh and E gad.

An ameican women, fat star, and an old character or an old scientists

*no pokemon though please.

I think they need to use more minion species. All the cool kids are Toads, Yoshi, Koopa, Shy Guys, and Lakitu... they should totally add Goomba, Boo, Twisted Ghost, Luma, Hammer Bros, Shroob, and other baddass minions like that.

WhiteEaglePL said:
*no pokemon though please.


How can you not want that??

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