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Would you buy a Wii U with Gamecube controller ports?

Naw 61 28.77%
wellp, maybe 38 17.92%
sure bra, looks coo 88 41.51%
Show me the lurkers 24 11.32%
LiquorandGunFun said:
sure, when the ps4 comes out with ps2 controller ports..... same line of thinking. if its true i will burn an effigy of iwata.

SCE never released an official PS2 controller port hub, but almost entirely due to Street Fighter arcade sticks made for the PS2 being fairly popular items on the competition circuit, several third party vendors sold PS3 compatible, USB based hubs for PS2 controllers.

For SCE, I suppose it's really only an issue of building in support for certain games (those games that are republished through the PSN Store since there's no optical format BC), but given that the DS2 shares the same layout as the DS4, there's a lot less reason for them to release an official hub for PS2 controllers. 

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Wawawawawawawait. So this is definitely real?

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Well it would have been preferably to have been included to begin with.

Damn it. I only have one USB port left to use. Two for External Harddrive, and one for Ethernet. I guess I'll have to use Wifi for web connectivity...

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2 questions:
how much would it cost?
and will it work in other games, like mario kart 8?

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You can still buy Gamecube controllers?


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I will buy that! still got +4 working gc controllers lol

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"2.0" implies an upgrade, and if there's one thing I learned from the bloggers and forums last generation it's that the Gamecube is retroactively the greatest thing ever.

Wonder if that means they'll start up production on a new line. I'd be comfortable knowing i could buy more, in case my present controller runs into more incidents...

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I might have to buy a Wii U, now that I can use GC controller

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