Why the Watchdogs hate?

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I understand when fanboys attack each other over console loyalty but I can't figure out why Watchdogs is getting so much hate. Is it really just Ubi Soft hate? GTA fans? Where is it coming from? It's out on all the platforms so it can't be a Sony vs. MS vs. PC thing.

Personally, I like it. But even if I didn't, I don't understand the desire to seek out opportunities to continually dump all over it. Or any game for that matter.

The normal human response to not liking something should be indifference and moving on to something you do like. So maybe someone can explain it to me, why does anyone feel that actual hatred is a valid emotion to feel over a videogame?

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I haven't played it yet, but from what I hear its the graphics being not as advertised, and also the games buggy?

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The online server fiasco, the supposed "graphics downgrade" and more

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    because it has problems and false advertisng?!

    Those aren't reasons for hate though.

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    Good question, should make an interesting thread...

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    I think there's a large segment of the gaming population that is simply bored or set their expectations way too high.

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    I hate Watch_Dogs, because Ubisoft has been spamming millions of trailers, and the game has millions of different editions. Also the downgrade, delay, and this: 


    Not meeting the enormous levels of hype, delays everywhere, falling into the "jack of all trades, master of none" of most open world games, disappointing visuals etc. I haven't tried it myself yet but I can see how some would be disappointed, hating it is a tad harsh though, and uncalled for.

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    Delay, downgraded graphics, false advertising, and worst of all, 5 collectors editions with none of them including everything


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