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bubblegamer said:
Well they've won every year since 2009 and even if their show was weak, the competition is even weaker or absent in Nintendo's case, so no agrees here. Anyways it sounds more like a wish than a prediction.


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Mr Khan said:
chocoloco said:

In my opinion, Nintendo got last place in every E3 over the past 5 years Mr Kahn.

I tend to try to be objective in my measures, namely that new hardware > No new hardware (which is why Nintendo gets 2012 even though their conference was fairly weak, Sony and Microsoft's were nothing to write home about that year either, so Wii U still beats out the competition)

95: Playstation's new on the scene (though already released by then, still up-and-coming while Saturn fizzled and Nintendo whiffed out the Virtual Boy)
96: N64
97: Basically Final Fantasy moving to PS, which signified the broader trend of the tidal shift in third party support. 97 had some strong 64 games (like StarFox and Goldeneye), but the console really didn't pick up steam until the following year in terms of software. Saturn fizzling still
98: N64 hits its stride, Pokemon lands stateside as well. PS is going steady, Saturn on its dying breaths outside of Japan
99: Dreamcast
00: PS2
01: GC/GBA beats Xbox, simply because 2 > 1
02: The PS2 starts to hit its stride and Sony starts pushing their online platform. Xbox in its awkward middle years, GameCube has much of its strong first wave still to go but obviously an also-ran
03: PS2 as the industry standard-king, focusing still on online (like FFXI). Xbox still in that awkward middle gear (Halo 2 is next year), this was Nintendo's weakest year in that generation (notable for having one of their keynote sizzle reels getting booed)
04: Of course the legendary Twilight Princess reveal, but DS was at the meat of Nintendo's win.
05: X360
06: Wii > Riiiiiidge Racer
07: A difficult year to judge. Wii Fit was huge for casuals of course, Xbox headed into Halo 3 and GTA as the multiplat. I give it to Sony as this is when they started pushing PSN and showing that they weren't going to take their situation lying down.
08: Final Fantasy XIII for 360, again signifying a tidal shift in third party parity. Nintendo's Wii Music debacle, Sony did okay but didn't drop the bomb
09: Kinect, which really fired imaginations initially, as hard as that is to imagine now.
10: 3DS
11: PS Vita > the poorly-informed Wii U reveal (since it was just the console and no games, while Vita comes out swinging against the flagging 3DS)
12: Wii U (again, weak for a "true reveal" for the console, but nobody else really pushed any buttons, so Wii U it is)
13: PS4 > One.

I'm thinking Microsoft is going to come out swinging this year with some really big stuff, though if Microsoft doesn't push, Sony could get the win on "air of inevitability" like their mid 6th-gen wins. Nintendo's not down for the count entirely, though certainly a dark horse this time, not an obvious also-ran like last year going into it.

I actually thought you got the list from some  online source made by someone else. I always think it is subjective though. If a person does not care about Nintendo (or any company) than they just will not care what they did no matter what. I am not trying to make this a science. 

My post further down painted a better picture of my feelings on E3. Winning or losing it  does not mean much to the company who wins, or loses in terms of there future selling games and consoles. Except maybe announcing a price drop. 

Finally, given your explantion of your choices I guess it seems a better thought out prediction than most will make. 

kupomogli said:
Nintentacle said:
It's possible, but It's pretty likely that the majority of people will say Sony won. That only means there's more Sony fanboys though! You always choose your favorite company at E3 with the exception of a few conferences.

Aside from "PS4 is $399."  which alone won last E3 for Sony, despite the rest of their E3 being pathetic in comparison to both Microsoft and Nintendo, I don't think Sony has won an E3 in years. 

I'm a Playstation fan, but my opinion isn't biased because it's my favored company  Take a look at my signature.  The quote and image are two things I strongly believe in, even if I'm bashing the PS4 by doing so. 

Man, that's an awesome sig! I wish the PS4 was backwards compatible, but I understand why they didn't do it at least (Pricing)

binary solo said:
Anfebious said:

 The Order, Deep Down, Uncharted 4, The Witcher 3, etc every game that was announced for the PS4 is facing a serious delay.

?? Did Naughty Dog announce a release date and then announce a delay already? I must have missed both.

You didn't miss anything, Naughty Dog has only shown a teaser trailer so far. 

As a PS fan, I am kind of worried PS4 will be a bit weak compared to XBO this year.

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Winning/losing E3 is overrated.

Mr Khan said:
bubblegamer said:
Well they've won every year since 2009 and even if their show was weak, the competition is even weaker or absent in Nintendo's case, so no agrees here. Anyways it sounds more like a wish than a prediction.


What do you call not attending the event! :O

But they win all the 3rd party automatically.

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Talal said:
Honest answer: I feel like all 3 will suck. Which one will suck the least? I don't know, maybe Nintendo since the Wii U has been out the longest.

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Hope they have awesome games this time at E3!

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