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As many know, Scribblenauts debuted on the DS and used to be exclusive to it. Both of those titles sold fairly well, but more recent titles have failed to impress in sales. Scribblenauts sold 2.08m and Super Scribblenauts sold 1.41m. Scribblenauts Unlimited only sold .64m and that was on Wii U and 3DS COMBINED! And don't even get me started on Scribblenauts Unmasked. That sold under 100,000 units combined, and that came out on a year when 3DS was rapidly growing. Even the Wii U versions selling low(er) makes sense, but the 3DS versions would be higher if the game was more relevant. Hopefully something saves it because I haven't played the new ones but the first 2 were really fun. They really wowed me in a way a game didn't in a long time since it was to different.


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I'd say it was too much of almost the same in too shor timespan.

I've never played it, was thinking of picking it up for Wii U. Will probably buy it next month.

I don't think that sales are just plumming, but the PC version is getting all the sales problably. Its way easier to type on a keyboard and steam workshop added the option to share your own creations with the community in a very straigth forward way.

And they are really milking the franchise. Wiiu has less than2 year of life and alreadly had 2 title from the serire before get the 1st year annyversary. It seems warner will try to do a lego with it, beting on licensed titles every now and then.

About the scriblenatus series, i think my main problem with it is that my imagination don't aways work in the same way the game does. Some times i tried to start a rain, and instead i get a litle amount of water, not all intercations work that well. One thing that could help is if we had the option to go trough a list(indexed and categorized, obviously) with all the things we can use. I got bored pretty fast the first tiem i tried, but maybe this help with the sense of discovery, instead of trying to remenber cool words to test.

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Scribblenauts is brilliant, but they simply made too many of them in too short a space of time

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...Take a closer look at the Unmasked sales. Notice how it doesn't give a weekly break down like it does for every other game? Clearly there is something off about the numbers.

I think Scribblenauts might have a brighter future on mobile devices and has been successful there. I have a Scribblenauts game on my phone, that's the best way to play a game like that.

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Too many too quickly. It is a great idea though.