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Everyone has a different opinion of what they want to see in the next Zelda game. In 16 days, all those hopes will be crushed, so let's talk about all of them while we still can! :D HYPE!

My Zelda U wish list:

Bring back young Link!

I've talked about this in excrutiating detail in another thread, but if I'm honest, I really don't mind adult Link. My biggest issue is that young Link has been absent from console Zelda's for 10 years. I just want to play as a kid again. Just once.

Scrap the motion controls

I think SS needed to happen. A lot of us where naive. We all wanted to swing Link's sword and we weren't going to stop nagging Nintendo until we got it. Well, we got it. And we all learned a valuable lesson that day. Never again.

Get rid of the fucking horse

This is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. Epona needs to go. And not just her. All of it. All of these hub travel options. Let me be clear, I have nothing against Epona the character. It's her roll as a game mechanic that pisses me off. Epona is the reason that every Hyrule with her in it is empty, devided, and shallow. She's what makes Hyrule Field a thing. And the fucking loftbird. The king of the red lions is an example of how this can be done right, but the fact of the matter is that if the N64 had been powerful enough to make a hyrule that was as vast, dense, and most importantly, as seamless as the one's in literally every single 2D Zelda, Epona wouldn't be a thing. Get rid of hyrule field and get rid of Epona. The fact of the matter is if you need a way to fast travel through an area quicker, the area isn't interesting enough to be in a Zelda game.

Give us a Hyrule that's as dense as SS, as open and seamless as Wind Waker, and as connected as ALttP

Piggy backing off of my last wish, this has annoyed me in every 3D Zelda, but I've understood why so I put up with it. Hardware limitations. Every single 2D top down not on a DS Zelda game has had a more interesting Hyrule than every single 3D Zelda's Hyrule. Because they all have maps much larger and much more condensed than in the 3D games, there was not one second where your action stopped. No hub overworld areas. None of that. You just walk and cut, and it was always fun. I critisize SS a lot, but it has so far had the best 3D Hyrule. For all of it's linearity, there was not one second in the land below where you needed Epona. There wasn't a single moment on the ground where walking and exploring was tedious. Now if only the three areas were less linear, 100% seamlessly connected to each other and Skyloft, and there where 6 other areas completely like them instead of having them be revisited 3 times each, it would have been a perfect 3D Zelda world. No more sky towns unless it's not part of a plot device to hide a game mechanic. No more islands unless they're not part of a plot device to hide a game mechanic. No more vast empty fields unle- actually, just no more empty fields. And no horses. Make it fun to just walk everywhere. If it's tedious, your Hyrule isn't good enough.

Let me fight dragons!

Remember dragons? Those things you never see in Zelda unless its a dungeon boss or a god? Yeah, I want to fight them. In the overworld. A lot. I think the best way to describe how I want them is like a mini boss. Like a darknut. I want them to be the strongest regular enemy in the game. I want them to look so stereotypical that my eyes bleed from the unoriginality. I want them to shoot balls of fire, and bite, claw at me, and slash their tails. I want them to stand on four legs, have wings, and still not fly that much. I don't want them to be huge, but I do want them to be large; maybe 8ft tall. Just let me slay dragons, Aonuma. Please.

Shoot for 60fps

Yeah, I know this won't happen, but I'm going to wish for it anyway. Shoot for 60. Zelda doesn't need to be realistic. Zelda needs to play well, though. If it's between graphics and framerate, please choose performance. ALBW shines at 60fps. It would be a feat if Zelda U could do the same thing.

Keep the musical hits during combat

For me, it's one of the reasons that Wind Waker has some of the most satisfying combat in a video game. I was disappointed when it was absent from TP but was estatic at its reinclusion in SS. While it wasn't as good in SS, it was still extremely satisfying, and I hope it stays.

Keep Ryo Nagamatsu as the composer

I'm just going to go straight to the point here; A Link Between Worlds has the best soundtrack in the Zelda series. There isn't even competition. It's scary how good this music is. It's even scarier how humble it feels. This guy is honestly a musical genious who, in my opinion, outshines Koji Kondo. I can't brag enough about this guy. This guy was a composer for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Final Bowser Battle. Yeah. God yes. So much yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Commit to a unique artstyle

SS wasn't unique, Aonuma. It was beautiful, but it was TP with nicer color. If you say you're going to do a unique artstyle, don't half ass it.

Don't forget improvements from previous titles

This is an issue that a lot of franchises have. In TP, when you where at full health, fairies wouldn't heal you. That was great. In SS, they would. -_- In WWHD, you had access to hero mode from the beginning. In ALBW, you had to beat the game first to access hero mode. That's bad. In ALBW, you get your sword in the first 10 minutes. Don't forget that. Don't forget the stamina bar for items.

No tedious pace-breaker

It's something I can't explain, but something we all know. The triforce quest in WW. The tears of light in TP. The Silent Realms, as thrillingly terrifying as they were there where fucking four of them, and all the fetch quests in SS. All that shit needs to go. Explore-dungeon-boss-explore-dungeon-boss. That's all you need in a Zelda game. Stop throwing in pace breakers.

Stop focusing on the plot and make the game good first

Another controvercial topic. Story is good, but if it comes at the expense of a good game, drop it. MM did story good. SS did story bad. How? MM's story was optional and at your leisure. SS made you wait two hours to start the game because of it's story. Look, I enjoyed SS's story. Ghirahim is one of my favorite Zelda villians and that Zelda is my favorite interpretation of her, but if it comes at the expense of a streamlined game, leave it out. ALBW was a much better game with a much thinner plot.

Leave Ganon(dorf) out of it... completely

Seriously, we all love Ganon, but he's over populating the series. More important than that though, if you're going to have Ganon as the main villian, don't hide him until the end. All he serves to do is undermine all the impact the first villian had done. ALBW did something cool by having Yuga take over Ganon's body instead of actually unsealing him, but even that was much. Zant was awesome... Until Ganon. Ghirahim was great... Until Demise aka pre-Ganon. You know who was great? Majora. You know who was awesome? Vaati. Give us another one, and then don't cock block him/her.

Voice Acting

This is a video game, not a book. I'm sure this won't happen, but it should. It's immersion breaking to have to sift through scrolls of text and makes me want to skip everything. Don't get me wrong, Link needs to be silent, but everyone else needs to start speaking up. And in english. None of that hylian crap that Aonuma joked about and then everyone else took serious and went with.

Bring the magic rods and Roc's Cape to Zelda U

This is a personal thing, but these were some of my favorite items in the franchise. The Roc's Cape let you jump and glide, while the magic rods let you cast elemental hexes. This could translate so well into a 3D Zelda, and would be so fun to use. The magic rods could all be combined into one Magic Rod item where you can toggle through elements just like with the arrow. The cape could allow you to accent a limited distance based on your stamina bar, and let you glide downwards once it ran out.

Scrap item-themed dungeons

As awesome as the openess in ALBW, the rent item system came off as kind of dumb when you still maintained the item-dungeon rule. Why does each dungeon have to be limited by an item? I think it would be cool if the dungeons had puzzles that focused on the dungeons' themes wrather than the dungeons' items. Boss fights would be way more interesting if you had to actually figure out their weeknesses rather than figuring how to exploit your dungeon item. It would be awesome if each boss had multiple ways to defeat them, based on which item you had. Items should have the same roll they have in the metroid series. They open up the world as you get more of them.

Keep upgradable items and make them good upgrages

SS and ALBW had awesome item upgrade systems and I hope that returns in Zelda U, but with better upgrades. The bomb arrows were awesome in TP and way cooler than the tipical fire/ice arrows (which would have been much cooler as Magic Rod spells). That would be an awesome upgrade. Remote bombs were great. Upgradeable sheilds were great.

A central town as deep as the ones in SS and MM

These where great and you loved being there. Give every NPC a deep and engaging sidequest that's related to the over arching plot. MM's story wasn't deep at all, but it's sidequests did well to flesh them all out.

Side quests that are more than just fetch quests 

Fetch quests aren't fun. Give us something deeper to do than just "bring item A to point B to get some character exposition."

Sailing and flying, with a purpose

I'm gonna get in trouble for this. "You said you hated these fast travel situation." Yeah, well I lied. Kind of. Sailing was fun. Flying was fun. It stopped being fun because it was a core game mechanic. Imagine, then if only 15% of the game was sailing. Maybe five was flying. That would be cool. Because the mechanics don't have the job of masking hardware limitations, they can be fun instead! Maybe there are four to five islands off the east shores of hyrule, one which houses the water temple, so you're given a small, upgradable boat to explore the seas with. Not nearly as vast as the WW ocean, and only two of them are mandatory to the plot, but it would be a fun deviation as opposed to a loading mechanism. Same thing with the flying. Let me fly through the overworld like in GTA. Why? Because it's fun to fly. That'll all.

No stamina bar for running

I don't care if it adds realism. It breaks gameplay flow, and it's annoying. Just let me run. No strings attached.

Make every advanced sword techneque nessesary to beat the game

There's nothing worse than lost potencial. One of the best additions to TP (although I'm pretty sure the Minish Cap did it first) were the advanced sword techneques. Imagine my disappointment then when I realised that these where all style and no substance. You could easily beat the entire game without using/learning one of them. This contrasts the parry system in WW, where it was impossible to defeat some enemies without it. You couldn't beat Ganondorf without it. It added dynamism to the battles. One idea is to unlock a new technique at the end of each dungeon, after you defeat the final boss. In the spirit of both Super Metroid and the original LoZ for the NES, these techniques could be used to open up the world. The cool thing about the parry system in WW was that enemies like Darknuts were not impossible to beat without the parry system. In this same spirit, litter Hyrule with enemies that are more easily defeated using the sword techniques. This would be done to basically open the world up with the more techniques you learned. More difficult dungeons would "require" more sword techniques to get through. This keeps the whole world technically open while making combat more than just random slashing. SS did it good with the undead Bokoblins. If you didn't finish them off with a deliberated gash to the chest, they would just get back up. Do more of that.

Stop it with the time travel

I get it. Every game wants to be OoT. It's getting cliche'd now though, and adds literally nothing to the game. Do something else.

Don't ruin the start of the game with exposition

Even if you absolutely hated ALBW, no one can deny how satisfying it was to just be given a sword and start killing shit. I know I touched on this earlier, but don't ruin the flow of the game with exposition. Just give me a sword and tell me to go. In fact, don't even waste time having me look for a sword. I want to open the game for the first time in an empty field with nothing but a sword in my hand. No tutorial. No nothing. Just let me explore.

No gimmicky gamepad controls

Aiming with the gamepad is fun because it isn't mandatory. Don't muck up some items just to shoe in a gamepad gimmick. The gamepad has it's value, but it should be felt, not heard. They were perfect in WWHD. Keep it like that.

Give Zelda a more vital roll in the games than just being saved

I've said this before, but SS Zelda was my favorite Zelda. That being said, I always felt like she could have been more. I want to fight along side her at some point in the game. In PH, she is your companion throughout the entire game, but I'm not quite sure I want that either. I think the WW companion approach would be the best if it were expanded. At some point in the game you meet up with Zelda, and it is nessesary for her to tag along in order to help with two or three dungeons. She has combat skills, but she is mainly support. She has exceptional archery skills, embuing ther arrows with fire, ice, and light magic. She can create barriers. She can cast healing spells. She has a thin fencing sword, but she isn't skilled enough to use it exceptionally. She is better at long range attacks than hand to hand combat, though she he can handle herself well enough when it comes to weaker enemies. Allowing her to create barrier allow her to avoid being a burden in combat, and her ability to freeze enemies or heal you would provide useful support. Combine that with the likability of SS Zelda, and Zelda becomes much more than just a damsel in destress.

Surprise me

This is going to sound cliche, but give me something I never knew I wanted. Do something with this game no one ever thought about.


Well that is my wishlist for Zelda U! What is yours?

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Most of the stuff you listed better not be in the game or I will not buy it.

Voice acting...please no it will ruin it for me
no Gannon...? wtf these better be in the game
Flying and Sailing better not be in the game
and why no Epona.. she is a series staple..

I do agree with the tedious pace breaker though leave that garbage out.

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I have only one wish - keep Aonuma away from Zelda.

Most of it I agree with, but child-Link does not belong in a TLP realistic-graphic setting. Also, dear god, no VA. PLEASE. We saw how games like Metroid Other M can ruin characters just with VA.

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Noooo, don't get rid of epoona. You're awesome.

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Change up the formula and/or story. That's all I would like.

Yes, please have voice acting. In this day and age, there should be no excuse that a game like this should have no voice acting.


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Why would anyone want to get rid of Epona... What are we gonna ride on instead? Failpona? I say keep the horse but let us have other shit to ride on too
Voice acting.... Touchy subject, if they do it right, go for it but if not, its better left not voiced

Also let us play as different characters as well, if Hyrule Warriors has one thing going for it, its that we can play as a lot of different characters which is gonna be fap worthy

And meh with young link... The most Link as ever aged as I recall is to his teen years... Really, we should be calling him young adult Link... Maybe give us an actual adult Link and if not, Teen Link is fine too


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VanceIX said:

Most of it I agree with, but child-Link does not belong in a TLP realistic-graphic setting. Also, dear god, no VA. PLEASE. We saw how games like Metroid Other M can ruin characters just with VA.

That's such a stupid arguement. MoM wasn't ruined by voice acting; it was ruined by bad writing, a terrible script, and bad voice acting.

And I already said that I don't want the next Zelda to be a realistic TP knock off, so child Link would fit just fine! (Plus Aonuma already confirmed that the art style will be unique)

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Why would anyone want to get rid of Epona... What are we gonna ride on instead? Failpona? I say keep the horse

Voice acting.... Touchy subject, if they do it right, go for it but if not, its better left not voiced

Also let us play as different characters as well, if Hyrule Warriors has one thing going for it, its that we can play as a lot of different characters which is gonna be fap worthy

And meh with young link... The most Link as ever aged as I recall is to his teen years... Really, we should be calling him young adult Link... Maybe give us an actual adult Link and if not, Teen Link is fine too

My point is that we shouldn't need something to ride. There is not one time in ALttP where anyone thinks, "gee wiz, I really wish I had a horse right about now." If the game's world is interesting enough, there should be literally no reason to have one.

Different characters? Eh...

Well, this is new.