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I really enjoyed it! 8 44.44%
It was ok... 2 11.11%
I didn't like it! 0 0.00%
I haven't played it yet! 4 22.22%
I shall buy it soon. 2 11.11%
I won't buy it ever. 2 11.11%
Not sure... 0 0.00%

So, just finished Transistor and here's my brief review of it. What do you think of the game?

This is the ps4 version by the way.

Graphics: 10/10

The game is absolutely gorgeous to look at. The artwork is really well done and the enemies/chars all look pretty unique too. The attacks and the combo's all have unique effects and animations also.  I have no complaints at all graphically.

Sound: 10/10

The main char Red has no voice, so all of the dialogue comes from the Transistor sword.  The commentary is rather one sided for obvious reasons, but the voice actor did a great job with it. All the other VA was fine too. Nothing felt bad or out of place. The soundtrack of this game is amazing. I absolutely love the music in this game.

Gameplay: 9.5/10

The gameplay is a mix of real time and turn based. You can essentially stop time and plan out your moves then Red will execute them. The system works quite well and the abilities have a nice synergy with each other if you use them that way. There is an extensive list of Functions which are essentially abilities that you gain access to. The can be used as primary, secondary, or passive. You can combine up to three abilities into one essentially. The passive stuff will give you buffs like regen hp etc. You can experiment quite a bit with this system too. The gameplay isn't perfect however. The landscape will sometimes get in the way and you won't know what you are doing. There is no camera control. The gorgeous landscapes will get in the way sometimes. The enemies are pretty unique and varied also. They work well in combination with each other. The game is around 6-7 hours long not including all the challenges and stuff. There is also a new game+.

Story: 8.5/10

The story is rather abstract. You will get them here and there through the use of your abilities; will unlock some biographies to help you piece together the story. You will know the basic premise, but anything beyond that is sprinkled throughout the game. There is a wealth of info. I don't dislike this approach, but I also am not fond of it either. There are still powerful moments in the game like the ending though. I think this approach works for this game however since it gives it a sense of mystery.

Final Score: 9/10

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Nice review, will definitely look into this game soon.

haven't beaten it yet but I LOVE IT!!! The soundtrack is amazing, and the gameplay is pretty damn good!

It looks so great. I haven't played it yet. After I beat Wolfenstein twice, I am going to get Transistor and Child of Light.

I agree 100% with this review. It was a fantastic game. I really loved the combat. It was surprisingly deep and the skill customization is really nice.

I got the platinum last night. The five battles with 10 limiters active was quite the challenge (especially since it seems it has to be done in ng+) as well as the last couple performance tests. I'd love for these guys to get a larger budget to make a game like this on a grander scale, 25-35 hours.

I give it a 9.5/10

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I'm loving the game so far, played 10 hours, still lots to do.

The gameplay is the best part. It's great fun figuring things out and experimenting with the different functions. The backdoor challenges are very satisfying and can teach you a few new tricks you might have overlooked. Love the strategizing involved with the planning stages. The only nitpick I have is the UI sometimes being in the way when planning your moves. A zoom out option and hide UI button would perfect it.

Graphics are great, awesome art style. The music isn't really my taste, during the game it's fine, yet during the backdoor challenges it insists on playing the same tune over and over. Even though you can select what unlocked music to play, enter a challenge and it reverts back to the default tune. The announcer can become a bit annoying as well. That gimmick already wore thin in Bastion. It was cool for the first hour, now I just want Mr know it all to shut up. Maybe that also has to do with the random story presentation. I'm not too fond either about the randomized snippets of information. The process is threatening cloudbank, that's about all I got from it.

None of that matters, the gameplay is king, it's lovely to look at, and although it's very linear it has a great amount of exploration in its mechanics. I also love the idea of choosing your own limiters to up the difficulty, can't wait to unlock the next one, so much better than simple casual/normal/hard settings. Plus sacrificing a function for the current and next battle as a lives system is also brilliant. 9/10 for me as well.

I'm about 3 hours in, so far I like the combat very much, setting is delightful, though I'm feeling it's going to get bit repetitive. I didn't care about Bastion too much, so this is pleasant surprise for me.

Plan to get it soon!

Well, finally finished it last night. I've enjoyed it, though everything that I said in my initial post still stands.

Setting is very picturesque, story is decent and combat is really good with lot of options, but overall game gets to be quite repetitive and bit too linear.

It's 7.5/10 for me (which would be slightly better than 3.5/5 stars, system I prefer much more), which in my book is quite good game.

Finished it last night, awesome song through the credits, didn't even try to find out if you could skip them. Only a shame it sounded like it was pretty badly compressed, dunno if that was intentional.

Great game, left me wanting more, so started recursion to get to the rest of the tests. 8.5/10 after finishing it. A bit more variation in the environments, and a more coherent story presentation would have been apreciated. Now why can you not play all the great songs you get in the campaign, in the break room. The music player there just plays crappy tunes.