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Let's pretend the Wii U was called the "Nintendo Ultra." Would sales be a lot higher, a little higher, or the same? I highly doubt it could get any worse. I know too that sales wouldn't be that much higher but maybe it wouldn't of crossed the line in America and still be above the PS4 as of now? I don't know you guys tell me I honestly think it would have been selling more along the lines of the XBOX One if it had a different name.


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I think it would be higher but not by zomg amount but it will certainly help for sure... Specially in 2013 when no one knew da faq a wiiU was


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Wii 2.


For sure.

I think it would. Wii U is a retarded name.

Well it would certainly sell less if they called it the HeilHitler Box.

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Sales would have been so high if the WiiU would have been named Super Wii Entertainment System!

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Yes, but not for the Ultra. If it was called Wii 2 or any other decent name, yes.

No, but if the concept behind the console was different sales would be better.

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vivster said:
Well it would certainly sell less if they called it the HeilHitler Box.

Wolfenstein would have been an exclusive, bundled with a $5 off voucher for download of the Saboteur.

I would think that yes, had it had a different name like Wii 2, it would have sold better. Reasoning is solely because the predominate mass consumer confusion that the gamepad was mearly for the Wii wouldn't have happened. Thus garnering some additional interest.

But largely circumstances wouldn't have changed as even that would have been overcome had there been critical mass marketable games at launch. That would have drove the interest required for people to realize it was a new console.