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Looks fanstastic.




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My last care game was many years with ridge racer on ps3, i think i will let's me tempted per this game if the free version please me.

Really looking nice.

Interesting that they chose no performance customization to prevent unfair advantages. Still, I really like the country locations and that the tracks are based on some of the best driving 'roads' in the world. Great idea that. Hopefully they add the Transfagarasan Highway (Ceausescu Folly), from Romania. Always wanted to drive that after seeing it on Top Gear.

PolygonIt is fun, in the way of racing games that are neither too simmy nor too arcadey. As I zoomed through the curvy lanes of an Indian rural mountainside, past the lusty green fields, my car gave up slides and turns without complaint or penalty. Oh sure, on my first try I came in last. But on my second I was mixing it up with the winners. I wanted to play some more.

thesixaxisuch is made about the refresh rate in games these days, and if that is something that matters so absolutely to you that you will not play a game, then Driveclub is not for you. However, it is consistent and is rendered in 1080p with a rock solid 30 frames per second no matter what’s being thrown about on screen.

The graphics engine, the variety of locations and the depth to the details in every aspect of the game is impressive, with further graphical effects and refinements still to come, while the core driving experience was easy to pick up and play, but over time will hopefully also be able to offer the depth and nuance that the more vocal racing fans demand.

IGNSince we have nothing else on PS4 to compare it to yet, I'd say that Driveclub's 1080p, 30 frame-per-second graphics are roughly on par with Forza Motorsport 5's 1080p/60fps looks. I'd give the slight edge to Forza when making a mental comparison, but I'd have to put them side-by-side in order to really make a call. But this isn't a console face-off; PS4 players are certainly not going to be disappointed by Driveclub's looks. (Ryan Mccaffrey)

Game InformerFirst of all, the game looks great. It's fast and the couple of cars I drove felt good – somewhere in between being casual and being sim. The lighting effects make the world pop out, and you can even change the time elapse of day into night. On the track, the A.I. cars exhibited some different lines. I didn't win the two races I participated in, which I take as a good sign!

60fps or bust.

Well, this is new.


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too bad they won't even have damage on the lvl of Grid (yay bumper cars) and those wide corners look pretty boring

I'll check out the PS+ version once I have a PS4, but I don't expect to pick up the full version.

Really want to play this.

My 8th gen collection

look forward to my plus version


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Wow .. it looks like other racer games.. with a slight graphics upgrade.. meh


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Gamersyde video? I refuse to watch it on the compression filled YouTube.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!