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Holy tits! Day 1 purchase for me


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Improvements from last december:




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Gunpei Yoko

I hope you get to play as Zelda. And Midna, please include Midna!

@justiceiro: Cool, that's indeed a massive improvement!

The look of this game is growing on me the more and the longer I look at the new screenshots. Link, Impa and the antagonists character models are very nice.

Also, this gaming shooting to #1 in Japanese Amazon (and #6 for the SE) inspires a bit of confidence, though I'm not yet sure if that's amazing for Hyrule Warriors, or disappointing for Mario Kart...

Meret said:
So sexy *__*

exactly my first thought!

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Can't wait for this game!

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Day 1 buy for me.

Impa visual is amazing!
she kicks ass!

Clicked on this thread for a good laugh but those screen are quite nice looking. No idea what the game is about but thats some fine art style and character models.

The game looks great. I'd like to see a gameplay trailer of the game and of course, this wouldn't be a tecmo koei game without girl with big breast.