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zumnupy10 said:
zero129 said:
zumnupy10 said:
Where is the gameplay in the trailer ?

Was the trailer not in realtime??.

Just saw CGI in it.

You'd think people would know by now not to trust cinematic trailers of games nowhere near completion.

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Yeah, some parts (batman vest in special) didn't look that step foward. I'm just saying that I would not be surprised to see a last gen version been announced after the release of this.

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burninmylight said:

You'd think people would know by now not to trust cinematic trailers of games nowhere near completion.

Believe me.  Most people don't.

I'll be buying it. Hell, if history is any indicator, I'll buy it at least twice (like every other Arkham game). The emotional impact of the trailer was ruined by the audio from some random ad on this site, though.

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HQ screens (but the jaggies are far less noticeable than they were in the video, could be the PC version):

Yeah, looks better than Arkham City or Arkham Origins on PC (I didn't say that it looks the same), but the differences aren't mind-blowing.

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Higher quality video up on Gamersyde.com.


There was like 4 seconds of gameplay. Lame

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Your typical "gameplay" trailer that gets released all the time. It works though. Im already sold on this game. Looks great.

Looks fine to me, still need to get around to Origins so no rush on this.