Does Anyone Like NeoGAF?

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Do You Like GAF?

Yes 112 52.58%
No 54 25.35%
Indifferent 47 22.07%

So do you?




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NeoGAF is terrible. They should change their site's name to pretentious.

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NeoGAF is full of retarded gamers who think there are hardcore and something special just because they have an account on NeoGAF!!!

It's such a hassle to sign up and then it takes forever to get accepted lol.

yeah i do got an account there too but im a lurker there forums are way more active than here and they have the best gifs

they also get leaks first since a few devs and reps post there


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ioi loves NeoGAF

Seriously though, for me it's a nice lurker site (in where I'll browse it for information, commentary, insiders, reactions, and other tidbits) since it's such a popular hub for all things gaming.

Sure, they seem pretty amusing most of the time. I don't have an account though. They do love blowing things out of proportion over there though. Then again, that's most forums, but seems like gaf is the most noticeable since they are so big. I do love there use of gif's.

I lurk there sometimes. I even thought of getting an account there one day...but one account is all my little brain can handle.

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Does anyone like "does anyone...." threads?

I like their gifs although not a Member


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