Do you think The Last Guardian will ever release?

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Yes, I have faith! 98 48.76%
No, you fools! 17 8.46%
Get over this game already! 18 8.96%
The last.... what? 7 3.48%
Yes, when half life 3 comes out! 30 14.93%
I'm just not sure anymore! 15 7.46%
"Cries" 9 4.48%
"Run's away" 0 0.00%
How dare you question this game good sir?! 1 0.50%
Wtf lol 6 2.99%


@this year's e3 for sure.

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Ehh...maybe. If so, I think making it cross gen would make the most sense. Not sure whether or not it will be though, assuming it does actually release.

I will say though that I think the odds for this game are much better than they are for Agent.

Chrizum said:
I can see it coming out. Alongside Sadness.

The fact that Sadness is only vaporware brings............sadness into my soul!

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It will probably get released this year on the ps4.

Either on PS4 in 2014 or I will guess it is done.

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If it does come out, there's no way it'll be a success. Game's been way too long in development and I doubt it'll turn a profit.

Shu said it was still in development last time he went there, but couldn't remember if was to PS3 or PS4 (of course he could).
The game was not halted, it's just very slowly being made, I mean, it was to PS3 then midway they changed they minds to make it to PS4... it will pop up some time next year, if not, yes, it died.

If it's announced at E3 as a PS4 title, yes. If June comes and goes without word, I'm officially giving up hope.

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Anyways, I think we will get the game eventually. BELIEVE

Zax said:
No and after all who cares really?

Anyone who likes games.