Do you think The Last Guardian will ever release?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you think The Last Guardian will ever release?


Yes, I have faith! 98 48.76%
No, you fools! 17 8.46%
Get over this game already! 18 8.96%
The last.... what? 7 3.48%
Yes, when half life 3 comes out! 30 14.93%
I'm just not sure anymore! 15 7.46%
"Cries" 9 4.48%
"Run's away" 0 0.00%
How dare you question this game good sir?! 1 0.50%
Wtf lol 6 2.99%

The fact they say its still in development suggests so

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If it doesn't appear in some form at E3. I'll consider it cancelled.

Can't believe the game was announced five years ago.

It will be released, critics will like it(maybe not love it) and PS fans will be smug about it.

Those predictions are free :)

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I can see it coming out. Alongside Sadness.


If they didn't still plan on releasing it they wouldn't keep reminding people that they're still working on it whenever questions get asked. They'd just ignore them or give vague non answers.

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if it doesnt get a solid release date this year id be shocked


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Maybe-kinda no-ish yes-ish?

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Yes, Shuhei Yoshida has played it.

Maybe. It will be kind of anticlimactic after all this time though.

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