Is anyone looking forward to Transistor? Will you purchase it?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is anyone looking forward to Transistor? Will you purchase it?


Yup, ps4 for me! 5 35.71%
Ya, steam baby! 2 14.29%
Not sure yet... 2 14.29%
Nope! 1 7.14%
No way!!! 0 0.00%
Indie garbage! 1 7.14%
hmmmmm 2 14.29%
Maybe, mabybe not! 0 0.00%
What!? 0 0.00%
How dare you!? 1 7.14%

So, it actually comes out next week. Is anyone excited for this title? Will you get it for pc or ps4? I thinks this game looks quite nice, I really like the song and artstyle in the reveal trailer. Especially the song, it sounds great. Not sure about the gameplay yet though. It is $20 and comes out on May 20th. I will prob pick it up on the ps4.

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Yes!!! I loved Bastion and I definitely can't wait for this!


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I'll probably eventually get it.

Side note: That GIF is a little creepy but at the same time I can't stop looking at it.

Oh god so many indie games I need to buy alongside the third party and first party games.

Might HAVE to skip this one although I don't want to,

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Will be getting it on Steam in the future.


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This is going to be my first digital PS4 game. It looks great

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Will purchase it on Steam sometime soon.

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Yep, PS4 version for me.

I probably won't get it.

I would very much love to get this but I don't have that much time currently. This week I have too much stuff to do. After that Watch Dogs will have priority and then there is the World Cup. The Wii U is also on the Horizon, so it might be some time before I can actually buy and enjoy it :(

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