People have been more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3 so are less inclined to upgrade - one of Yusuf Mehdi's opinions on sales gap

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Angry Birds has pushed over 2 billion, every game that hasn't pushed at least 2 billion is niche.

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I love semantic debates!

The funny thing is I was so dissatisfied with my Xbox 360, I bought a PlayStation 4 on day one after selling my Xbox almost a year earlier. I also very much doubt that I was the only one who did this.

This is funny seeing as how the PS3 is still selling at a high rate while the 360 has declined significantly, but the X1 sales are not impressive. everyone I know who had a 360 got a PS3 and have or will get a PS4 in the future, but not an X1. The last year for the 360 was terrible while the PS3 had one of its best years exclusive wise.

tm said:
Talal said:

What's the name of the main character of Resistance?

I don't know. I guess shooters are niche too.

I don't know a main character name or name of a game from every genre of games that exists. All genres are niche confirmed.

This statement from that exec is really ridiculous. I'm also amazed that there are people defending it...

I'm glad I don't listen to any of the execs from any company and just buy games that interests me for any console I deem worthy of purchase.

You're pretty late.

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When reading comments like this I really have wonder who companies think actually believes this stuff.

sales2099 said:
VanceIX said:

Well, if people hate their PS3s so much, why did their campaign for trading in PS3s for credit towards Xbox Ones fail magnificently?

Well PS3 doesn't have any buzz worthy games  like Titanfall releasing this year. There really is less incentive to keep playing it then X1.

Persona 5? Tales of Xillia 2? Tales of Zestria? 

This guys quote reeks of bullshit. In the long-run, gamers have been more satisfied with PS3 than 360. Especially 2009 onwards, when PS3 really started hitting out those excellent exclusives while 360 released less and less. He may be right about X1 not being in as many markets hence not selling as much, I agree with that, but his whole "ppl are satisfied with 360 more than ps3" is nonsense.

If software sales on the 360 are any indication, then he's right.

I like this Microsoft much more than the one who claimed that Wii owners will graduate to the Xbox 360. Now they are saying that the Wii was hands down the best console of the seventh generation.

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