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before the generation even started many opinions could be summed up like this:

kowenicki said:
Yeah US is a lock for MS next gen

Sorry if that irritates you... But yeah, it's a given.


now i'm reading through this thread (now that ps4 and x1 are both going to be $399, which will sell better?) and there are dozens of opinions that can be summed up like this:

OttoniBastos said:
Globally = PS4
USA+UK = Xone

Basically the 7° gen "status quo" with the difference that this time xbox don't have 1 year advantage over PS


i just don't get why soo many think the US/UK belong to xbox.  i made this quick chart*:

Main points include:

  1. the sales leader changed at least twice (three times if you include the snes to ps1 transition)
  2. 360 barely squeaked out a win in US.


i'm sorry but the US/UK just are not a lock to anyone.  to be absolutely clear i'm not saying that xbone cannot win those territories.  i'm saying these regions are currently a toss up.  imo, the only way to claim these territories as being owned by xbox right now™  is arrogance.  these consoles are almost identical now.  now it comes down to games and who delivers them.  E3 cannot come soon enough.

*via vgc

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Pretty sure 360 'won' UK because it was stupidly cheaper. Was even a point you could buy two 360 arcades for the price of one PS3.


I agree. However things end up, at least ps4 gained back some market share.

360 gained on price, year head start and momentum.

XB1 has none of that atm. The last one has MS worried most and is why they are acting so fast trying to turn things around. They know full well once people start playing on 1 system their friends are likely to join them.

I guess the rational is that if you have live gold already, xb1 is the better deal? Failing to see not everyone has gold payed up for x years in advance and can simply wait until it runs out to make the switch.

Because last gen 360 took both and this gen they're the two leading Xbox One countries. And since they're the two countries where Xbox One is currently closest to PS4 they obviously are the two countries where this price cut is most likely to allow the Xbox One to pass PS4.

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Even though Sony has sold more home consoles since the 5th Gen than anyone by a huge margin, people on here love to under estimate them.

There is certainly no given that it will win either market. In fact its still WAY too early to know for sure.

That being said the Xbox One has so far been competitive in NA with a higher price tag and some terrible PR. Considering the great press they've been getting the last few weeks and a official 100 dollar price drop there is no doubt a chance they take North America back.

I was quoted by OP?! i'm feeling special now! jk/

About USA+UK,microsoft have a strong appeal for this markets.It's basically the same thing with Sony -> japan.

The only reason PS4 is not selling as expected over there is because the console don't have any japanese-oriented game yet.

In MS case they have the games for their demographic and now have the same price of the competition.People who had X360 and didn't jump to next gen yet will likely choose the Xone because they have archievements,XMP games they can't transfer to PS4.

Of course maybe i'm wrong(i thought Xbox would win march NPD and look what happened!) but i have a PS3 + Wii and when a jump to next gen i will definitely choose PS4(WiiU as second) because i have trophies and i like Sony+nintendo first party combo.

Prediction: Kingdom Hearts 3(PS4) will sell at least 5:1 against Xone's version WW and it will have a better attach rate.

IMHO the OP's post loses cred when it writes: "360 barely squeaked out a win in US."
while the included chart shows a roughly ~50% lead, which is not "squeaking by".

Broadly, those types of statements amount to saying US/UK will be MS' strongest territories, which is true.
Unless one is to predict that MS will simply lose in ALL territories, you would expect a similar statement.
The sales to date are of course at the old Kinectless pricepoint, so at lesser price they guess MS can still win US/UK
if only "squeaking by" it seems a heavy possibility, enough to make sense of such predictions.
(Titanfall bundle "pseudo pricecut" didn't really show much effect, but it wasn't 100% transparent either)

Or else you can chalk it up to fluoride in the water, your choice...

i dont get it either its like the rational during early 06-07 that ps3 would dominate b/c ps2 and 1 did before

the sheer confidence in the posts made today also amazes me aswell

i could understand if it was cut to 349 or something but its the same price, dont you think sony will cut there price before MS next PC?

the xb1 price cut isnt magically going to make consumers stop buying ps4s its evident that theres a demand for ps4 and even with the situation in march that benefited the XB1 there was no dent in PS4 sales, what will happen is that xb1 sales will increase with little to no effect on PS4 sales

the xb1 just cant sell on par with PS4 in US it has to sell more than to over come that half a million lead ps4 already has which will be even greater with april and mays NPD added in


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