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show was OK.

game of the show "no mans sky"

Tsubasa Ozora

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Fusioncode said:
Far and away the best conference so far. Unlike Microsoft they actually focused on exclusive games. Now I know people will bitch and moan about the 20 slow minutes with the dude talking but the rest of the press conference was fantastic.

Thinking the same way. People can say all they want and I agree with those boring 20 minutes in the middle. But that was a lot of exclusives and exclusive content! Instead of timed/first dlc stuff:O

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Could've replaced that slow section with The Last Guardian.... or something...

Raziel123 said:
masterb8tr said:
Raziel123 said:
masterb8tr said:
needs more exclusives. Multiplatforms all around

Driveclub, The Order, Let it die, LBP3, Grim Fandango, Bloodborne, so far. Looking good.

driveclub and the order i already knew about though. would have liked some more the order footage. LB3 ws pretty awesome though( i was kind of hoping for it to be a 3d platform though). Bloodborne i am not sure was exclusive?  Uncharted 4 was expected. looked pretty sick. But overall i thought it was a really bad conference to be honest and i certaintly pity those who went to the cinemas. Nothing really big at all. I am dissapoint

Bloodborne IS exclusive

thats nice:) i generally prefer exclusives.

Another year, another no show for TLG.

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manny10032 said:
Troll_Whisperer said:

Dem technical problems.

look again

They still had them...

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9/10, only The Last Guardian was missing, lol.
Waaay better than MS.

Sony won it for me... too many reasons to say why, and I'm REALLY tired from staying up until 4am, but I'm really glad I did now! :D

TheBoneCollector said:
MoHasanie said:
They ended with Uncharted which would have been perfect if it ended an hour ago. Not sure if that will make up for how boring and long this conference has been.

?? It was only the middle section that dragged the first 45 mins were epic.

Well the first 30 minutes and the last 20min were very good. Everything inbetween was boring, although some indies do look good but I won't buy them. Overall I'd give this conference 4/10. The score is mainly lowered by how long and boring this conference became. 


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Better than MS's conference in which I rated an 8/10. Sony would've gotten a 9/10 had they not lost momentum in the middle. I rate it an 8.5/10.