Forums - Sales Discussion - Now that PS4 and X1 are both going to be $399, which will now sell better?

Who will sell better after sales settle?

I think the PS4 will be ahead 1,012 82.28%
I think the X1 will be ahead 80 6.50%
I think it's anyone's game 137 11.14%

The Uno and Quadruple will finally be the same price starting June 9th.


The X1 will get a big boost for a while after it drops to $399 so we will need to wait a couple weeks for it's sales to settle.


So Like the title asks, which will sell better? Will the Uno finally best the Quad after sales settle? Or will the Quad still have the strength to stay on top?


"OMG! Why are you comparing them like this!?!" STFU!! This is what we do! Lol


.. Just a friendly question about which console may sell better. 


Edit: and DO NOT report my damn thread

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edit... 'effin double post.

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US/UK will go Xbox One, everywhere else will stay PS4.

Worldwide, PS4 takes it. Its about the games from this point onwards.

It is down to the games now... we wont know until a few years from now. And it will play out differently in different regions, as ever.

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

I think now its up to the games... Like, the ps4 still beats the x1 in hardware but I think the price of the x1 is good enough to justify the purchase provided the games are there which as of right now, it is looking better but anything could change in the coming weeks/months


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PS4 will still sell better. XBone has a lot of negative press to overcome.

US/UK will be close. Either one could lead, but not by a huge amount.
PS4 will dominate everywhere else.

Xbox 1 = leader of English speaking world.

Fine by me, since I as well as 99% of people who post here, apply to this :)


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

Now that price its the same and we all know that was like 95 % the reason ps4 was selling more , its obvious xbone will sell more right?


PS4 worldwide

Xbox One in US/UK up untill fall at which point its gonna be dependant on the games.