Would You Buy a Wii U at a Lower Price?

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At What Price Would You Purchase a Wii U

Below $100 31 7.97%
$150 37 9.51%
$200 65 16.71%
$250 32 8.23%
$300 (The current price) 18 4.63%
I Already Own a Wii U 161 41.39%
I Would Never Purchase a Wii U 16 4.11%
See Results 28 7.20%

I bought it in December '12, the console has nearly halved in price since then here in Norway.

But I'd get another one if they make a real 3D Mario.


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The price is actually good the way it is now, maybe 250$ might push me to buy one. However, in my opinion Nintendo needs to announce a few more Jrpg's for me to actually want the system. X and SMTxFE will not fill my need enough for it no matter if the games look amazing or not.


wangjingwanjia said:
As much as I love the Wii U, and already own one, a price tag of $150 would suit it much better.

Most likely to a big loss for Nintendo, but to be more realistic the Wii U does not compete with PS4 and X1, it's not as powerful and mainstream as they are.

So with a price tag of $150 they would compete more with the PS3 and X360 and place themselves in-between the two generations, kind of.

A price tag of $150 would absolutely attract more buyers, because it's a very low price for a next gen console, which the Wii U is. And everyone into gaming knows that Mario, Zelda etc. are good games. Everyone in the world, even if they don't play games knows who Mario is. So I think that a lot of people would buy it if the price was very attractive.

And a lot of parents would buy it too of course, because it's much cheaper and new.

But, Nintendo would make a great loss, right?

Well, when I pondered whether nintendo were willing to do a price cut I was thinking maybe $50, as that would be akin to cautiously dipping their toes back into the red in order to help hardware sales in the long run.  What made me sceptical being that the wii u purportedly no longer selling at a loss nintendo may be hesitant to implement a cut given the losses they've faced in the past few years, which could stunt the systems potential growth.  $150 though is simply suicidal, while the consumer would naturally welcome it the operating loss would be staggering, investors would be pissed and stock would most assuredly plummet.

horus said:

People would probably have to purchase 5-6 games for nintendo to profit from that console buy. 

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I own one but a price below $249 would be great.


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I have already 2 wii Us... I will have to wait for another special edition before buying another one


It cost AU$428 here at launch but I only paid AU$378 launch day. It seems stores knew how doomed it was they were already cutting prices day 1 =P
Seriously though, basically getting a free game launch day was awesome =D

$100-$150 since I'm buying Smash Bros on the 3DS.

no,maybe I'll get there next system. don't really have time to play catch up at this point.

I dont mind the console price. I want a better software line up and a more competitive pricing for software. Steam and PSN get all my monies at the moment due to their awesome pricing.