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I actually like the Xbox One controller more than any other controller on the market right now.  I think it's an improvement over the 360 controller in almost every way now that I've gotten used to it.  My one gripe?  When those batteries die, you get NO warning!!


At least on the 360 you'd get that swirling light thingy.  On all of the 7th gen controllers, you got some indicator.  I was playing Titanfall and in the midst of a great game and that controller died like it was taken out by a sniper!!  I have a ton of rechargeable batteries on stand-by (from my Wii days) so I don't really need a charge and play kit.  They seem to last forever but, like the Wavebird, there was nothing telling me I was in trouble.  Sometimes, even the battery icon on the home screen is nowhere to be found!  Hope they fix this via an update.  Make the home button flash or something when it's time to replace 'em.

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I missed you Captain d21lewis

Totally agree with this. I've had the exact same thing happen to me lol

What I used to do is have a spare controllerbatterypack ready to switch just incase, but thats mainly a habit that developed due to having wireless keyboard and mouse for ages

EDIT that embarrasment when wiping and having to say on vent "i didn;t move out of the fire cuz my battery died"

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I know why that could suck, but honestly it's driving me insane on my 360. Since I used the play and charge kit for years the battery lost a lot of it's recharging abilities and the controller blinks all the time basically :D

I bought a new play and charge kit but everytime a 2nd player joins the problem remains.

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I agree with this. Even though the 360 blinking was annoying since it meant you had like 2/4 bars left, at least it prompts you to change them when you're eventually at a menu or at the dashboard. Im sure it can be updated in the future.

So who overlooked an essential feature like that?

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Didn't the rumble turn off? That's my warning.

Mistershine said:
Didn't the rumble turn off? That's my warning.

Yep, the rumble does indeed turn off when the battery is.nearly dead. Not everyone uses rumble though, an update would be nice. Just show the red battery icon over the game instead of behind it. I'd probably prefer that to flashing. 

Wtf MS, I thought they patched this? Hopefully this comes as a patch as that is annoying.
And agreed, my favorite controller on the market, but that was a big oversight...