Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire announced

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Coming November 2014,


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Holy motherfucking shit

Sweet if true!

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Okay I'll buy this game, though I do find it interesting this was announced on the same day as financials. Iwata trying to distract people? Because it's probably working.

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Thank god I kept my 3ds.

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I hate this so much...I'll no longer be able to stave off buying a 3DS.

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Why are they calling the storyline dramatic? xd

As there ever been a dramatic Pokemon storyline before?

Edit: Nvm it's the world that's dramatic xd

So wait I am guessing they are redoing the whole game to look like X and Y right? Or is it actually "a new world".

Same game as the old one with X&Y graphics? If so; pass

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Red was my favorite color when I was kid, but I got Sapphire before I got Ruby (second-hand later) and I loved Kyogre so much more than Groudon,.