"The Big Lebowski" is one of the most overrated films of all time

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Did you enjoy this movie?

Yes, and I'm relatively picky too 52 53.61%
Yes, but I'm not very picky 13 13.40%
In the past when standards were lower 1 1.03%
No, the movie is mediocre 10 10.31%
No, the movie is utter shit 8 8.25%
see results 12 12.37%

TBL in the late 90s was never considered a good or great movie but now its a different story mainly to the fact in change in culture..why people love it theres only one simple answer "the dude" because many can relate to the character and easy to tell story. I have the same problem in understanding why people love the hunger games I dont see one thing worth mentioning not one same goes for blade runner except BR is good looking.

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sundin13 said:
Yeah, well, thats just, like, your opinion man...

I am ashamed this was not in the first post.

LemonSlice said:
I'm not picky, but it's one of my favorite movies. Not sure what my selectiveness has got to do with that at all.

What sets it apart from most modern comedies? Everything, really. The humor and the characters are not watered down. It sticks to it's style and the era it portrays. It's spontaneous but never awkward. The actors know what they're doing and are totally into their characters. Really, I think it's up there with American Hustle as one of the all time best crime comedies.

I haven't watched TBL, but I found American Hustle a pretty mediocre movie. It has an outstanding cast - wasted on a terrible, terrible pacing and story-telling. I struggled to watch the movie once.

Makes me imagine I won't enjoy The Big Lebowski either.

Lebowski is a good movie (and certainly not among the most overrated movies of all time) but my Coen Bros. top 3 are Blood Simple, Fargo and the brilliant, underrated Miller's Crossing.

impertinence said:
I am tempted to ask the negative question, what is it that makes you think this movie is as shallow as a summer blockbuster comedy? It's almost incomprehensible to me that anyone who even remotely cares about movies would make that comparison, so an explanation would be grand.

It makes sense treat a something as average by default, before actually adjusting based on proof.

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Big Lebowski has a lot of charm, I think that is the main reason why people love it, and the comedy mostly is great - I laughed a good few times.

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@ the OP: Shut up Donnie.


Funiest final scene I ever saw in a movie. Memorable characters, great acting. OP your opinion is wrong.

impertinence said:
I enjoy the Big Lebowski very much, and I also see a lot of people who don't like it. Typically the people who don't like it view it the same way you did, just at the surface. If you take no enjoyment from the quirkiness of the characters and just see the movie for the jokes expecting a knee slapper then I can see why people would be unimpressed.

To me it's almost impossible to understand how people can not love this movie. It is virtually perfect in everything it does. People will of course point out the acting which is absolutely fantastic, the rich cast of oddball characters or the deadpan and super dry dark humor. To me though, where the movie really excels is in how the structure of the movie perfectly mimics the story of the dude. Stuff like the constant use of dead ends and lack of payoff makes the story itself seem as bewildered and haphazard as the Dude himself. Some people might see this as 'problems with pacing' or whatever someone said above, but the fact is that the Cohen brothers have put that 'structureless structure' in place on purpose, and it's amazing to be able to keep the movie together while it's basically free flowing. It's a perfect fit to the stumbling of the waaaaaay over his head hero of the movie.

My problems don't have anything to do with acting, pacing, etc. My problem is much more simple: there simply weren't many funny moments. And by "many", I mean more than average. These seems like a reasonable request...I mean, in a comedy, you expect funny stuff to happen.

A lot of people have been giving answers like the bolded statement which are extremely vague and difficult to understand. This isn't directed to you personally as you give a more defined example in the next sentence (though I don't agree that that's funny). I don't really want to talk about "direction" or "charm" any over-arching concepts like that as that's far too abstract and complex. Many of the terms like "charm" are just unsubstantiated buzz words anyway. I'm interested in specific, tangible scenes that people find funny just to get a better understanding of people's rationale.

@Jay: Just out of curiosity - could you list some of your most favorite movies?