"The Big Lebowski" is one of the most overrated films of all time

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Did you enjoy this movie?

Yes, and I'm relatively picky too 52 53.61%
Yes, but I'm not very picky 13 13.40%
In the past when standards were lower 1 1.03%
No, the movie is mediocre 10 10.31%
No, the movie is utter shit 8 8.25%
see results 12 12.37%

It's not laugh-out-loud funny, at least not entirely, but it's an interesting case of a very cerebral comedy which is not at all pretentious about it. I thought "good not great" when i first watched it, but liked it enough to get it on DVD and watched it a second time, then a third. There's a lot going on under the hood and you get to see, like other Coen Brothers' works, that it's quite a complex beast.

I was a fan of their work back from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? however (yes, i know Big Lebowski came first, but i've been watching Oh Brother for about a decade and only saw Lebowski last summer), so i like the way they put their more subdued style together.

Only part that really drags is the Gutterballs sequence.

Fight scene at the end is great, though.

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It seems only one other person did not enjoy the movie....

...there is no logic to this world.

The dude is awesome.

I enjoy the Big Lebowski very much, and I also see a lot of people who don't like it. Typically the people who don't like it view it the same way you did, just at the surface. If you take no enjoyment from the quirkiness of the characters and just see the movie for the jokes expecting a knee slapper then I can see why people would be unimpressed.

To me it's almost impossible to understand how people can not love this movie. It is virtually perfect in everything it does. People will of course point out the acting which is absolutely fantastic, the rich cast of oddball characters or the deadpan and super dry dark humor. To me though, where the movie really excels is in how the structure of the movie perfectly mimics the story of the dude. Stuff like the constant use of dead ends and lack of payoff makes the story itself seem as bewildered and haphazard as the Dude himself. Some people might see this as 'problems with pacing' or whatever someone said above, but the fact is that the Cohen brothers have put that 'structureless structure' in place on purpose, and it's amazing to be able to keep the movie together while it's basically free flowing. It's a perfect fit to the stumbling of the waaaaaay over his head hero of the movie.

Never watched it.

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Jeff Bridges and Coen brothers...it rarely gets better than that.

I am tempted to ask the negative question, what is it that makes you think this movie is as shallow as a summer blockbuster comedy? It's almost incomprehensible to me that anyone who even remotely cares about movies would make that comparison, so an explanation would be grand.

I can relate with your points. First time I saw the movie, I got pretty lost on the story because I was trying to see why people liked this movie. In the end, I was even more confused because they didn't achieve anything and there was no story. But after some thought, I came to the conclusion that the movie wasn't bad. It had more substance than the crappiest movies in existence (Bio-Dome, Freddy Got Fingered, Movie 43). Maybe I need to watch it a second time and not look for things that makes it good... just enjoy it.

Jay520 said:

*Obviously sensationalist title intended to boost views and gamrpoints.

**No spoilers in the OP, although future posts may have them**

Short Story: I'm dissapointed with the movie and confused about the fans of the movie.

A lot of people have told me that this movie was one of the funniest, most well-made films ever, but that alone is not why I'm confused. Normally, I would ignore such praise since most people have terrible tastes in movies. Thus if a movie that the average person praised just happened to actually be mediocre, then I wouldn't be surprised or confused. I'm surprised with TBL because I've heard praise of it even from relatively picky movie fans - those that don't love a movie merely because it's popular, edgy, irreverent or any other superficial and pointless factors. Even some users on VGChartz, who have relatively particular tastes in cinema, have called this movie great. Some have even called the dialogue "smart." The dialogue? Smart? The DIALOGUE? This blows my mind.

If you like simple, irreverent movies then I could perfectly understand why you would enjoy TBL. But I don't understand why users who have more discriminatory movie preferences love it so much. I'm not seeing what makes this movie any different than your average, mediocre, summer blockbuster comedy. Don't think this is just me being subjective either...For example, If I don't enjoy a critically acclaimed or popular movie, I can still objectively look at the facts and understand the appeal of the movie. For example, while I did not enjoy Gravity, the Transformers series, the Twilight series, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, etc., I can perfectly understand why those movies have the acclaim and/or popularity that they have. But TBL has me extremely confused.

How can people who dislike the average modern comedy find such love in The Big Lebowski? Specifically, what sets it apart from the average, shallow, lazy comedies we see today? If you think nothing sets TBL apart from those movies, and still enjoy TBL (perhaps for that very reason), then that's okay; you and I just have different values when it comes to movie quality. But for those who believe you're a bit more selective than the average movie-goer, how is the movie - under any interpretation of the word - great?

What's smart dialogue to you? The big bang theory? Smart dialogue isn't the intelligence of what they're saying, it's how clever the dialogue is. 

Kresnik said:

I just dropped in, to see what condition this thread was in...

I can't quite put a finger on why I enjoyed The Big Lebowski. But I really, really enjoyed watched it.

Characters were broadly drawn yet had enough complexity to them that it didn't feel shallow
Comedy was at times subtle and at times in your face but always perfectly judged
Plot was a somewhat of a farce but a lot more well told
And the actors - particularly Jeff Bridges - turned in fantastic performances.

My favourite types of comedies are usually Zucker-esque parody movies (Airplane; Naked Gun; Clue; Rat Race) but Big Lebowski definitely ranks up there for me.

Another Rat Race fan? Wild.

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