"The Big Lebowski" is one of the most overrated films of all time

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Did you enjoy this movie?

Yes, and I'm relatively picky too 52 53.61%
Yes, but I'm not very picky 13 13.40%
In the past when standards were lower 1 1.03%
No, the movie is mediocre 10 10.31%
No, the movie is utter shit 8 8.25%
see results 12 12.37%

*Obviously sensationalist title intended to boost views and gamrpoints.

**No spoilers in the OP, although future posts may have them**

Short Story: I'm dissapointed with the movie and confused about the fans of the movie.

A lot of people have told me that this movie was one of the funniest, most well-made films ever, but that alone is not why I'm confused. Normally, I would ignore such praise since most people have terrible tastes in movies. Thus if a movie that the average person praised just happened to actually be mediocre, then I wouldn't be surprised or confused. I'm surprised with TBL because I've heard praise of it even from relatively picky movie fans - those that don't love a movie merely because it's popular, edgy, irreverent or any other superficial and pointless factors. Even some users on VGChartz, who have relatively particular tastes in cinema, have called this movie great. Some have even called the dialogue "smart." The dialogue? Smart? The DIALOGUE? This blows my mind.

If you like simple, irreverent movies then I could perfectly understand why you would enjoy TBL. But I don't understand why users who have more discriminatory movie preferences love it so much. I'm not seeing what makes this movie any different than your average, mediocre, summer blockbuster comedy. Don't think this is just me being subjective either...For example, If I don't enjoy a critically acclaimed or popular movie, I can still objectively look at the facts and understand the appeal of the movie. For example, while I did not enjoy Gravity, the Transformers series, the Twilight series, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, etc., I can perfectly understand why those movies have the acclaim and/or popularity that they have. But TBL has me extremely confused.

How can people who dislike the average modern comedy find such love in The Big Lebowski? Specifically, what sets it apart from the average, shallow, lazy comedies we see today? If you think nothing sets TBL apart from those movies, and still enjoy TBL (perhaps for that very reason), then that's okay; you and I just have different values when it comes to movie quality. But for those who believe you're a bit more selective than the average movie-goer, how is the movie - under any interpretation of the word - great?