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Weekly Hardware Chart 26th April 2014


PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
55,798 46,816 11,393 127,769
32,809 31,723 33,682 110,030
56,694 17,597 N/A 80,165
10,790 18,942 7,458 46,520
2,570 6,956 24,869 42,612
18,617 10,370 197 30,999
12,439 9,088 5,594 29,738
779 5,937 1,788 11,946
4,550 4,539 117 10,138


Global Top Sellers 26th April 2014

1 PSV Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment 143,236
2 3DS Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call 78,809
3 X360 Titanfall 74,214
4 XOne Titanfall 69,834
5 X360 Minecraft 58,153
6 3DS Youkai Watch 49,613
7 3DS Pokemon X/Y 44,268
8 PS3 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil 41,735
9 PS4 inFAMOUS: Second Son 37,964
10 PS3 Grand Theft Auto V 36,220

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PS4 and X1 pretty much flat week on week.

Will be interesting to compare Vgc numbers to NPD when we can to see if more than one tracker has X1 over PS4 in the US. That's where the real battle is going on!

Will also be interesting to see shipment figures for PS3 and 360...i don't think the weekly gap is that big to be honest.

WiiU doing better than PS3 in the US

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Jesus. Those WiiU numbers....

Vita outside Japan... just dreadful.

PS3 and 360 falling like a brick YOY (as predicted by yours truly)

I'm not really here!

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Nothing really exciting yet


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Just saw it.
Also the numbers of last week have been heavily adjusted :)

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I wonder if NA XOne numbers are still (or actually, however you like it) overtracked.
But Vita is overtracked for sure, I seriously doubt it will break five figures this month...

PS4 and XBox numbers are almost identical, do you guys think that Watch dogs is gonna bump up hardware when it releases?

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X1>PS4 in NoA!!!!

3DS!!! WiiU

Vita got bump with SAO!

No suprise here

And we have another week were vgc keeps getting x1 numbers above ps4 Just to show to be wrong on NPD.

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