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Are you a Graphics Whore ?

No way. 27 15.52%
Yes and proud. 58 33.33%
I don't care, bring back the Dreamcast. 9 5.17%
Gameplay is King. 79 45.40%
Dallinor said:

And if you can't, you aren't? Does not compute.

Perhaps your definiton of a graphics whore is different to mine.

The way I see it a graphics whore is a person who percieves graphics in games to be of paramount importance, over all other aspects.  It doesn't matter if they only own a gameboy colour, if they value things that way, that's what they are.

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

I am more of an Artistic Direction Graphics Whore than a Polygon Count Graphics Whore but yes, I am also a graphics Whore!!! Specially when Witcher 3 comes out

Pretty much this, I'm a graphics whore, but I care more about the art style and direction than how many polygons are in a character model... I prefer different art styles in games over realism, such as Valkyria Chronicles, Ni no Kuni, The Wind Waker, Journey, heck, I even think 3D Dot Game Heroes looks amazing! (Speaking of which, does anyone else think it'd make a great port to Vita? Obviously it'd absolutely 110% never happen, but meh)

CDiablo said:
BenVTrigger said:

I 100% without question am a graphics whore. And I'm also obsessed with photographing amazing graphics.

Have you tried Pokemon Snap in 1080p with an emulator? Perfect game for you.

Haha nope but your right that does sound perfect!

That being said I can't be the only one that feels the Wii U is PERFECT for a Pokemon Snap game using the Gamepad for some really cool gameplay am I? Plus there isn't a ton of AI or interactivity in Pokemon Snap which would allow Nintendo to reall push the hardware visually.


I can dream I guess

sundin13 said:
I like pixel art far too much to be a graphics whore. Also, most of my favorite looking games are on consoles weaker than the 360...


Pixels are graphics too, you are still a graphics whore if you prefer Pixel Art

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The games you mentioned make me think that you are not a graphics whore. Looks like you aren't even able to see aliasing and frame drops.

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Well...  I do prefer gameplay above anything, but once the gameplay has been nailed down, then I definitely want my games to look as pretty as possible.

Great graphics are always a bonus but gameplay, art direction and soundtrack is more important to me.

Graphics are nice, if they are bad they can ruin the game, if they are good they can boost the game.
But I still enjoy old games. Dunno if I would if I hadn't had contact with then when I was younger...

I'm more of a Framerate whore

Here's the thing.

I like good graphics as much as the next guy. And would I PREFER my games to be pretty to look at? Yes, of course.

But here is the one major Truth of gaming that will NEVER change:

A bad looking game that plays great can still be a great game.

A great looking game that plays like shit, is still a shitty game.