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Max King of the Wild said:
not only does the ps4 win by a large margin but this game isn't even good to begin with. Differences will increase

large margin? As in microbes thinking ants are large?   I agree.

A dfferent skybox and fog on the actually more powerful console (Turok on N64 used fog!)  and some reflections on windows are def not large.

The same guy has a video about WiiU vs 3DS   this is what I call winning by a large margin.

P.S. the video is not supposed to show how PS4 is more powerful than WiiU... its just comparing 1 game on two platforms NOT comparing the two platforms itself.  I wonder when people finally understand that...

"Didn't even see a car on the Wii U's when he drops from the tower"
  the Wiiu version has 2 cars in the first scene the PS4 version just had one. After the guy robbed the shop  the Wiiu has 2 more cars than the PS4 has!  conclusion?  PS4 cant handle as many characters on screen as WiiU  ZOMG! (Am I doing it right? xD)

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The Wii U version looks blurry and the AA and texture aren't as good compared to the PS4 version. Overall, the game's graphics doesn't look good on neither version.