The Amazing Spiderman 2: WIi U and PS4 comparison.

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Game looks like crap on all consoles, because it's yet another sub-par movie tie-in game!

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Go to share in youtube video page > embed > have a check mark in old embed code and copy/paste everything from that box after that


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Seece said:
I think

A) This isn't game that pushes even WiiU to its limits, let alone PS4
B) Youtube comparisons are pointless.

Try the PC version. It's a complete mess and the game is demanding as hell even with totally date visuals. It's unfortunatelly a complete letdown after the first game (that performed pretty well on PC).

Is PS4 version as glitchy as the wii u version?

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Uhm, it looks a lot better on PS4 and yet it still looks bad there.

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PS4 uses better visual effects, but it ultimately looks very much the same.

If the PS4 version at least ran 60 fps, there would be something to boast about.

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i came into this expecting minimal differences and that the OP would be right in saying they look similar

But sorry, nope. PS4 version might still look "bad" (as the game does on any platform) but looks way better than the Wii U version. Better lighting, textures, sharper

it is on teh WiiU,
it is all i need to be impressed,


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Doesn't show any open world movement or web swinging so it's a pretty pointless comparison. Lets see the open world pop-up differences and geometry. Also if the video had been recorded at 60fps, then slowed to 50% by the uploader, then you select 200% as play back speed you could get 60fps from youtube.

Visuals look very poor for next gen quality.

But lighting is obviously better on PS4 version at least according to the YouTube videos.


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