Wil Nintendo Servers crash May 30th ??

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Servers crash on May 30th ?

Yes, Mk8 servers 74 41.11%
No 69 38.33%
Nintendo Network on Wii u... 18 10.00%
Doom 17 9.44%

Nintendo has learned to SCALE after the christmas debacle. They can setup within a MINUTE new servers. I guess they might even use Amazon EC2 for this.

They are prepared. The only weak spot I could think of is the actual selling process within the eShop.

The bandwidth hungry task of providing eShop downloads - Nintendo seems to be pretty shure they can handle that. Otherwise they won't offer a demo. So they can handle also the actual payed content delivery.

On the gaming side MK8 is a mostly "harmless" besides the voice chats. But these can be calculated and as all streams of a private game could be handled on one server - this scales also very well.

No question - it will be the toughest release for Nintendo in their history. But I'm confident that Nintendo will be able to handle that and give us the best MK 8 buying and gaming experience possible.

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JazzB1987 said:

They removed the servers for all those Wii games to be prepared for that single WiiU game so it will work out :)

Nah, that was cause gamespy handled all their Wii Network stuff, minus the store of course

Yes, all 3 of them.

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JazzB1987 said:

They removed the servers for all those Wii games to be prepared for that single WiiU game so it will work out :)


Nope. The WiFi-Connection shutdown was more of a "decission aid".

Those servers are far from being able to handle any MK8 load as the number of voice streams will "explode". 

Also the Wii-Shop servers are still online as you can still download your purchases or transfer a Wii's content to a new Wii U. THAT might be really a weak spot when the Wii U MK8 bundles sells like crazy and people won't test Mario Kart as the first thing ...




Fusioncode said:
Yes, all 3 of them.

The irony of the reply... the actual Wii U sold numbers on the site

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Fusioncode said:
Yes, all 3 of them.

Ah. Thats the reason why Online is free on Wii and Wii U: Nintendo has stellar network code and their backends are so efficient that 3 of their servers could handle load where Microsoft and Sony need hundreds of them...


This inefficient also explains why those "For the players"-Gakai-PS3-Streaming can't be seen anywhere on a PS4...

I have not had a problem yet. So no.

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TheLegendaryWolf said:
It might, depending on how prepared their severs will be.

I only came here to read the replies as I have nothing to say about the matter but you, sir, have the funniest sig I've seen all week! The legendary dogs with the doug the dog persona! :))

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KylieDog said:
Doubt it, they only use matchmaking servers, all gameplay is p2p.

Can you prove that?


I can prove that you ONLY need to open OUTGOING PORTS on the router the Wii U is connected with.


So it CAN'T BE P2P. No Way.


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