Wil Nintendo Servers crash May 30th ??

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Servers crash on May 30th ?

Yes, Mk8 servers 74 41.11%
No 69 38.33%
Nintendo Network on Wii u... 18 10.00%
Doom 17 9.44%

Seems to be the trend on big launches,  servers crashing and not being able to play online on day 1. Will the great Nintendo share the same fate and will their servers go down on Mario Kart 8 launch day??

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No i don't think.. It would be very bad pr..

They know how many WiiU are online and how many MK they sell (at most)

They removed the servers for all those Wii games to be prepared for that single WiiU game so it will work out :)

It might, depending on how prepared their severs will be.

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I doubt it, didn't they shut down Wii servers just a couple of weeks ago? I'm sure some of those will go towards this launch.

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I hope not - although i only intend to play after i finish the game.
On the other hand it means there will be a lot of people really going for the online part. Which is good.

It will be great for Nintendo cause they will know its selling well, it will be shit for us cause we will have dial-up download speeds


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Possible, but I doubt there will be enough people online to cause a major server crash. Unless they're woefully unprepared, ofcourse.


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I would not be surprised if they were unprepared.

Doubt it, they only use matchmaking servers, all gameplay is p2p.

Hopefully they use their own instead of farming it out to a Gamespy type company again.