Call of Duty Ghost is not a very good looking game....

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Looks bad... 22 22.00%
Expected more 9 9.00%
Nope, it's cod lol 16 16.00%
ya..... 1 1.00%
meh 16 16.00%
looks good 17 17.00%
Looks pretty bad... 14 14.00%
hmmmmm 0 0.00%
Not sure 2 2.00%
maybe,maybe not....who knows... 3 3.00%

Ya, I'm a bit late on this, but still.. There was a demo avaliable this weekend for the ps4 so I gave it a try. It plays lke every other cod so that wasn't much of an issue, but the graphics were just plain not very good looking. The graphics just felt so underwhelming and I just kept thinking back to bf4 on the ps4 with 64 players vs cod ghost. Ya... I guess my expectations were a bit higher lol. Maybe that was my mistake. It was rather iffy graphics even compared to past cod's. The last one I played was mw2. I hope cod aw looks better since I'm interested in it.

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What sums it up was my first, and last, multiplayer game on Ghosts:

Looks horrible, lag made it unplayable and to top it off, I was against a bunch of people named stuff like "Jenna Jameson" and "Homokiller".

yeah i just looks like a higher res and "cleaner" version of the PS3 game. dont get me wrong, there is a big difference between the PS3 and PS4 version, its just that the PS3 version looks like crap while the PS4 version looks meh.

The whole game was a mess on the X1/PS4... A 7th gen port of an already mediocre looking game with a shitty resolution on one console and an unstable frame rate on the other.

Hopefully the next COD turns out better. AW is a pretty big visual step up from Ghosts, but it's still nothing that shouldn't be running at 1080p/60fps on both the X1 and PS4 :/

Yeah, but it still looks better than 7th gen versions can offer. Thats worth something.

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I don't believe that anyone that bought this game for these two systems got it because he wanted a visual showcase of their new machines..

PS3 version looks like crap while the PS4 version looks meh.

Agreed, it looks ok at best imo. The new cod however actually looks epic!


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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Agreed, it looks ok at best imo. The new cod however actually looks epic!

The new concepts and gameplay mechancis could be interesting, but visually I think it looks rather dissapointing. 

A thing of beauty, strength, and grace lies behind that whiskered face.

campaign looked great to me the only thing that stood out was blocky shadows

theres alot of graphical assets that separate ghost on next gen vs last gen CODs other than the huge rez boost like

much better anisotropic filtering
horizon-based ambient occlusion
higherprecision effects for depth of field, lens flare, and light shafts
displacement mapping and substantial increases in polygon count
use of lighting, tessellation and the dramatic increase in texture quality
tessellated characters, physics-driven particle effects
simulated global illumination,
screenspace reflections on glossy surfaces, more shader effects that more realistically represent various materials when they are illuminated by a dynamic light source


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